Monday, October 29, 2012

about time...

sorry, can't believe it's been almost 2 months since my last post!

yikes!!!! at least it's been for a good reason, i guess? lol! during this time we closed on our new house and have since moved in. we are not completed unpacked, but that will come with time.

we've had quite a bit of work around the house. we also had the carpet pulled up in the bedrooms on the 2nd floor and had all the hardwood floors one the 1st and 2nd floors sanded and stained. so nice to have hardwood floors again!!!

i've also been busy picking out paint colors. pretty much everything i have chosen and have used is from benjamin moore. can't for the life of me remember any of the names at the moment. i will post about that later.

our kitchen is still a work in progress. we bought new bosch stainless appliances that have been installed for a couple of weeks, but haven't been able to use them since we don't have any countertops and a sink. thankfully, the granite will be installed on friday! so ready to start cooking again!

as promised, below is an image of the moving announcement i created at great company! can't beat the speedy shipping either! if anyone has any discount codes for this company, i would love to use them for my christmas cards. hint! hint! ;)

sorry, you can see the fabulous font i used for our name. i also covered up a new address for obvious reasons. i love it! i think it turned out great!

oh well, i promise to resume to my normal blogging shortly.

take care and stay safe, esp. if you are in sandy's path! unfortunately she's heading our way!



Monday, September 3, 2012

on the move again...


hopefully everyone had a fabulous holiday weekend. we spent the weekend up at our cottage in northern michigan. it was so nice to get away for a few days.

well, we finally found a house!

YES! we put a bid and actually didn't have to compete with another offer! phew!!!! our closing date is set for the end of the month...CAN'T WAIT!!!

i am so excited to move and use my pinterest ideas to use, lol!!!

needless to say, i spent the day packing!

ugh, BORING!!!!  i bought some more recycle bags from homegoods.these bags are great for moving! i don't know about you but i am obsessed with these bags!!! i have probably purchased 50 over the past 3.5 years! lol!

saving the boxes for the heavy stuff for the movers to deal with! lol!

oh well, have a great week!

Monday, July 30, 2012

attention lilly pulitzer fans...

head's now you all are probably members of rue la la, right!

[photo credit:]

just wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know that lilly pulitzer will be on rue la la on wednesday at 11:00am  CST!

remember, get there early! the good stuff sells fast! not a member of rue la la? no problem, click on the link below:

sales are private! membership is free!

happy shopping!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

another fabulous recipe thanks to pinterest!!!!

well, well, well, looks who's posting for the 3rd time this week!

anyway, as if you didn't already know i am obsessed with pinterest!

well, tonight i made a summer corn cakes recipe with salsa that i actually found on LAUREN CONRAD's pinterest page.

of course, i had to stop at whole foods and pick up a few ingredients:
i'll be honest, i have never made corn cakes before. so the thought of putting corn in a food processor was a little strange to me! lol!
the recipe is super easy to make though, even though i tweaked the recipe a little. for example, i added some cilantro to the mix and instead of buttermilk i used milk and chobani greek yogurt.

then into the pan, with my fish spatula from williams-sonoma. if i had to pick one kitchen item i couldn't live without aside from the obvious wusthof knife set, all-clad pans, kitchen aid stand mixer [a MUST for every bridal registry that i still NEVER use!], my "must have" dualit toaster, etc... the one item i couldn't live without is my fish spatula! def. worth the $30.00!

note to self: i probably should have made the avocado and salsa mix  prior to making the corn cakes, but in the end it really didn't matter.  ha! ha!

finally, a photo of my version of summer corn cakes with salsa. yum!!!!

if you would like the recipe you can find it (and ME) on PINTEREST by clicking on the photo link below:

def. worth trying and the recipe makes a lot of corn cakes! anyone know if you can freeze the recipe? the recipe says you can store it in the fridge for up to 2 days? anyone?!?!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

yum! yum! yum! plus, a serena & lily score!

curious, if anyone else out there is fan of jason's deli?

jason's deli has locations all over the u.s. currently, i am obsessed with their fruit dip! omg, this stuff is amazing! wish i had a recipe so i could make my own! lol!

anyway, i had their califonia club for lunch - guac on the side, of course!  too bad, i waited until i was pretty much done with my meal to snap a photo.

oh well, check it out and if you haven't tried their fruit dip you should! it's delish!

almost forgot, anyone score any deals over at the SERENA & LILY SALE event over at ONE KINGS LANE today?

i did, thought i was too late...waited a few minutes, b/c the GOBI SHOWER CURTAIN i wanted in NAVY was in someone else's basket. hate it when that happens, argh!!!! sure enough, i waited long enough and it magically came available ....SCORE!!!!

[photo credit: ONE KINGS LANE website]

as if i need another shower curtain, sheesh! lol!

not a member of ONE KINGS LANE? no problem, click on the link below for your personal invite.

sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE! 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

another fabulous trip!!


a few days ago we returned from a wonderful trip out to vegas. we stayed over at the bellagio, which is still my favorite place on the strip!

below are some random photos from our trip.

speaking of CHANEL, i was walking up from the pool and notice a woman wearing a pair of CHANEL flats.

it soon dawned on my that the CHANEL logo was missing from the right shoe. man, that's gotta suck!

curious, would you wear a pair of CHANEL flats
knowing one of the logos was missing?

here's one of my favorite view of the pools:

speaking of vegas, it's hard to go to vegas without a little gambling. i won, i lost, won again...luckily, i came home with $600 more than i left with.....BONUS!

i'm not a big gambler, i stick to the slots. SEX & THE CITY is def. my favorite slot machine! not sure what to do with the money?

$600.00 probably doesn't seem like much to you, but for someone who normally loses it was great to come home a winner! ha! ha! ha!

then again i play for fun! it's such a sad sight when i see seniors using their social security $ on the slots!

oh well, the only famous person we saw was taylor hicks. at first i was like, he looks familiar? i'm not a fan of american idol, so it took me a moment to realize who it was, lol!!!

can't wait to go back! ;)

Friday, July 13, 2012

christmas in july!


i am heading to vegas tonight! can't wait, but before i forget i wanted to let you know that GRAPHIC IMAGE is once again running their christmas in july SALE again next week!
it's never to early to order your planner for 2013!

the christmas in july SALE is a one-day, site-wide sale and everything is 50% off.  NOTE: the sale is only on, there will be a few select GiGi New York items too! 

mark you calendars the sale date is monday, july 16th

Saturday, June 23, 2012

tory burch, mackenzie-childs and hunter boots ...OH MY!!!


hope your summer is off to a fabulous start! things have been super busy around here. can't wait to go away on vacation in a couple of weeks!

anyway, while i was out shopping this afternoon i stumbled upon these "mackenzie-childs" HUNTER BOOTS! really, just when i thought i'd seen it all! ha! ha!


don't get me wrong, i am a huge fan of both HUNTER BOOTS and MACKENZIE-CHILDS but i am not sure how i feel about these boots.  lol!

oh well, in case you didn't know ruelala will be hosting a TORY BURCH sale event on monday, june, 25th! can't wait to see what they will have this time!

not a member of ruelala? no problem, click on the link below for your personal invite.

sales are private and membership is free!


Monday, May 28, 2012


hope everyone had a fabulous memorial day weekend! we spent the weekend upnorth at our cottage in northern michigan.

it was nice to get away from chicago and escape the sweltering heat. well almost, it was 97 degrees when we arrived home....ugh!!!

thankfully the pool is FINALLY open! ha! ha!

anyway, while upnorth i came across these awesome styrofoam cups and napkins at a store over in leland, michigan.




this afternoon i stopped over at TRADER JOE's for some groceries and across this small bottle of trader joe's 2009 late harvest moscato paso robles.

small, being that i got only 2 glasses worth of wine out of it! if you love sweet wine like i do, can't beat this wine for $3.99/bottle!


Monday, April 30, 2012

enough already, lol!

how many is too many?

if i buy another bottle of perfume, please shoot me! ha! ha!

what is your favorite perfume at the moment?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

OMG, seriously....

OMG! seriously, is this not the cutest set!
 i was at costco and came across this adorable chaise lounge, umbrella and side table over at costco.
seriously, what little diva wouldn't want chill out with this set this summer! best of all, the set was only $69.99! such a steal if you ask me! oh, too be young again! LOL!

oh well, once again i apologize for my lack of blogging! things have been really busy around here. we decided not to purchase the short sale we put an offer on. we have decided to hold out for something better. after all, it's still buyers market! for now at least!

anyway, yesterday i stopped over at homegoods and walked out with two lovely oil paintings. seriously, the framing alone costs more than what i actually paid for each of the paintings.

only thing left is to purchase 2 more picture lights to hang over each of the paintings. funny thing, those will probably cost more than what i paid for the paintings. LOL! sadly, these photos don't to the paintings justice! oh well...

so, of course, i stopped over at two different homegoods to see if i could find anymore that i liked, nope! maybe i will have better luck when i am in michigan next weekend?

hope you had a fabulous weekend! it's been so chilly here in chicago! wondering if spring will ever return? ha! ha!

oh well, time to make some chicken cacciatore with some amazing cacciatore sauce from a local chicago company that i picked up over at whole foods.  yum!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

i'm back...


apologies for the delay in posting! last week i was on vacation in florida and am finally getting caught up with all my emails. i'm not the biggest procrastinator for nothing, lol!

anyway, tonight i attempted to make sushi! yup, sure did! although, the rolls actually turned out more like hand rolls, lol!
while i florida, i stopped over at the tod's outlet in orlando and bought this beautiful black leather tote. i know, really another purse! like a need another purse, lol!
i am bummed that i don't know what style the purse is called?

not sure why but their receipts don't even reference the style on the receipt...WHATEVER! HA! HA!
i bought another tod's purse there 3 years ago and remember them keeping the tag then too! why??!! i don't get it?!?!

oh well, isn't it beautiful! the leather is so soft and i got it for a great deal!

oh, how nice it would be back in florida sipping on a mojito by the pool!
meanwhile, the weather here in chicago is so crazy! one day you need the A/C and the other heat!

i just don't get it, lol!

that's okay, i'll survive! LOL!

Friday, March 9, 2012

and the WINNER is...

as promised the WINNER of my LILLY PULITZER giveaway is...



email me your address and i will get your LILLY PULITZER FIRST CALL THERMAL MUG out in the mail to you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

lilly pulitzer giveaway and a new preppy site to check out!

just a reminder, today is the final offer to enter my LILLY PULITZER GIVEAWAY!
click on the link below to enter:
also, have you heard of COUNTRY CLUB PREP? 

a place where it's all preppy clothing. all the time. sounds exciting, click on the link below for details:

Saturday, March 3, 2012

fabulous finds and a lilly pulitzer giveaway

good evening!

today i stopped over at LANDS' END and saw this beautiful KENZIE linen tote! the leather is so soft and it comes in RED and NAVY. of course, i'm partial to the one in NAVY.
seeing that everything at LANDS' END seems to go on sale, i decided to hold of buying this tote for $180.00. i believe it is def. worth $180.00, but why when it's eventually going to go on sale! LOL!

i did purchase this adorable bunny painting from a local artist. isn't it beautiful! love at first sight, LOL!
so of course i stopped over at HOBBY LOBBY to see about getting the bunny framed. HOBBY LOBBY has always been an inexpensive place to have framing done.

however, this painting ended up costing me $128.00, before tax! that's including the 50% sale on framing too! i was thinking it was going to cost me about 3/4 that, boy was i wrong! LOL!
oh well, it will look nice when it's done. i previously had another smaller bunny painting framed the same way.

the painting below will give you an idea what it will look like when it's all done. can't wait to hang it in my new kitchen! {if we ever close, lol!! short sales suck, still waiting on the bank to approve our offer. so much for thinking it was a done deal! ugh!!!}

oh well, don't forget to enter my LILLY PULITZER GIVEAWAY!
click on the link below to enter:
...good luck!

Friday, March 2, 2012

another giveaway....

as promised, i'm hosting another giveaway!

this time i am giving away a LILLY PULITZER FIRST CALL THERMAL MUG!

please note the giveaway is open to U.S. residents ONLY!

if you'd like to WIN, below are the giveaway rules:


1.  in order to WIN, you MUST be a FOLLOWER of this blog. Leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your email address. (1 entry)

2.  POST this giveaway on your blog and receive a BONUS (total 2 entries) you MUST let me know if you blog about this giveaway, so i can give you credit! otherwise, no dice! sorry!

the WINNER will be announced friday, march 9, 2012. contest entries will be accepted until thursday, march 8, 2012 at 11:59pm cst.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

enough is enough, right?!?!

okay, the next time i decide to venture over to the LOUIS VUITTON website, i need to remind myself of this photo:
yup, i think i'm set with my LV collection for now! ha! ha!

this isn't a large collection by any means, but for me, it's definitely enough! lol! this doesn't even include my collection of GUCCI, Tod's, Burberry and Prada purses. ha! ha!

oh well, hope your week is going well! just a few more weeks until we leave for florida! i have to say this vacation can't come soon enough! i am so ready to get away!

tomorrow we are having the "inspection" on the place we are hoping to purchase. still waiting on the bank, since it is a short sale! hopefully, the seller's bank agrees to our offer and we can proceed with closing! our attorney said we probably won't be closing until april, most likely may. argh!!!! so not a fan of short sales, lol!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

got it! plus, heads up for all you HUNTER boot fans...

happy valentine's day!

finally, excited to finally see what JO MALONE scent my husband bought me for valentine's day!
yeah, i love WILD BLUEBELL ...not sure if he picked it out himself or if he asked for assistance? ha! ha! ha!

what is your favorite JO MALONE scent and/or favorite scent combo?

oh well, hope your significant other treated you to something special! 

 i read on the CHICAGO TRIBUNE this afternoon, that the men spend on average something like $169 on valentine's day. interesting, huh!

oh well, i think i know what color my next pair of HUNTER BOOTS is going to be! what color?
well, actually i won't know until thursday! why?

GILT GROUPE is hosting a HUNTER BOOT sale event starting thursday, 2/16!
yeah, finally! last time i scored a pair on NAVY for a stellar price! i'm hoping for the same thing this time around!

not a member of GILT GROUPE? no problem, click HERE for your personal invite! sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!

check it out! after all, you can't have too many pairs of HUNTER BOOTS! right, LOL!

remember to get there early, to good stuff sells fast!

Monday, February 13, 2012

favorite 5...

so excited, my husband purchased my valentine's gift:
too bad, i have to wait until tomorrow to see what JO MALONE perfume he bought me!


CALDREA love their products! plum nutmeg is definitely one my favorite scents!
my second favorite is water lilly. this scent is heavenly and when it you can actually smell the scent! i hate it when i spend good money on candles, only to find out when they are lit that i can't smell anything, argh!!!
i'm also loving my new kindle fire, which i bought a few weeks ago, i thought it would be perfect to take on vacation.
can't wait to take it with me when i go to florida next month!

finally, i am so excited to finally start painting and decorating!
we put an offer on a 4th place this past week and our offer was accepted! yeah!!!! now we just need to have the attorney review the contract, as the property is a short sale. once he's reviewed the contract, we will schedule the inspection. hopefully it all works out!