Monday, February 13, 2012

favorite 5...

so excited, my husband purchased my valentine's gift:
too bad, i have to wait until tomorrow to see what JO MALONE perfume he bought me!


CALDREA love their products! plum nutmeg is definitely one my favorite scents!
my second favorite is water lilly. this scent is heavenly and when it you can actually smell the scent! i hate it when i spend good money on candles, only to find out when they are lit that i can't smell anything, argh!!!
i'm also loving my new kindle fire, which i bought a few weeks ago, i thought it would be perfect to take on vacation.
can't wait to take it with me when i go to florida next month!

finally, i am so excited to finally start painting and decorating!
we put an offer on a 4th place this past week and our offer was accepted! yeah!!!! now we just need to have the attorney review the contract, as the property is a short sale. once he's reviewed the contract, we will schedule the inspection. hopefully it all works out!


  1. Hoping everything goes quickly on the home purchase! A friend bought a short sale last year and it took 5 months to close and she was paying cash! She was so frustrated!

  2. I love Jo Malone. Her bath oil is to die for!

  3. Congrats of getting an offer accepted. Hopefully all will go well and you will be painting and decorating soon.

  4. Really enjoying your blog and am your newest follower.