Friday, July 29, 2011

oh, no she didn't! oh, yes i did!!!

greetings! we are up in lake geneva, wi this weekend. i just love it up here! just a short drive from chicago, can't beat it! although i would really like to be out in newport, rhode island with my family! oh well, next year for sure! plus, i won't wait until the last minute to "try" and purchase a flight at a reasonable price! the prices have gotten so outrageously expensive and i refuse to fly anything buy a direct flight if at all possible!

so lake geneva it is! ha! ha!

so did anyone buy anything at the JAYES sale event over at ONE KINGS LANE?

after 3 orders, a phone call and 2 shipping charges i am estatic to report i bought the following items:
super excited because these a going to be my new office accessories! at least for now anyway, we all know how i love change, LOL!!

i really wish they didn't give just a 15 minute window to add to your order once it's placed! ARGH!!! needless to say i'm not happy i had to pay a 2nd shipping fee but at least i didn't have to pay for a 3rd, lol!

it's not too late to head over to ONE KINGS LANE and check out the JAYES event. if you aren't a member, click HERE.  sales are private and membership is free! sign up today!

i'm a huge fan of JAYES, check out my previous purchases in my previous post - click HERE.

oh well, time to enjoy the evening along the shores of geneva lake! hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


Thursday, July 28, 2011

can't wait!!!

greetings! so excited, guess what's coming back?

jaye's sale event is back over at one kings lane. super excited!

the sale starts tomorrow, july 29th!

can't wait to see what will be on SALE this time around!

below are a few photos of my recent jaye's  purchases.
if you have read my blog before you know i am a huge fan of jaye's!

below is one of my favorites, my"flip flop" bucket!
and then there is this adorable pink monkey set.

not a member of one kings lane, click here for your personal invite. sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!

also, don't forget to check out vineyard vines over at rue la la. the sale starts monday, august 1st at 11 o'clock EST!

....just in time for "back to school" shopping!

not a member of rue la la, click here. sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE! 

happy shopping!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

sidewalk sales...

don't you just you love it when you're wrong!!! especially when it's in your favor! HA! HA! HA! after shopping on michigan avenue i  decided to head over to armitage in lincoln park. for some reason i thought the sidewalk sale was last weekend! well, to my joy was WRONG!

first stop...ALL SHE WROTE where i purchased this adorable small ROSANNEBECK tray for ONLY $15.00! the tray originally retailed for $40, but since there were a few scratches they ended up selling it to me for $15.00! SOLD!!!!

 i also bought a set of matching coasters for only $5.00! such a good deal i probably should have bought more!
best of all, i was there a few weeks ago and inquired about buying a plastic holder for my monogrammed [initals covered for personal reasons] PREPPY PLATES coasters below. glad i didn't place the order, lol!
i also picked up a few more boxes of christmas cards! one can never have enough extra christmas cards, especially ones that are WILLIAM ARTHUR! yup, 3 boxes for $20.00! HELLO!!!  such an awesome deal considering they retail for $32.00/box!

after leaving downtown i made a stop over in hinsdale to check out some fabric over at CALICO CORNERS. then i had to make a quick stop over at FULLER'S. i ended up purchasing this box to match my small fan vase and frame from GLOBAL VIEWS.

don't you love it when you find a good deal!

i know i do!

have a great evening! i'm off to the pool!