Tuesday, July 19, 2011

a few more goodies....

okay, i am all refreshed! just got back from an hour workout in the pool! one of these days i'll remember a ponytail holder, so i can get back into doing laps like i did when i swam for the detroit yacht club years ago, you know back when we did 20 laps for a warm up! LOL!!!

anyway, saturday i ventured over to edina, minnesota. also home to our friend, hospy, over at monograms & manicures. last year she recommended that i check out the galleria and 50th & france. so of course, that's were i went again this year.

if anyone else has any shopping recommendations around minneapolis, please share! thanks!

i've to the mall of america once, back in 1999 and haven't been back since! ha! ha! ha! anywhere else i could add to my visit next year?

anyway, while at my favorite store at the galleria i bought two of these leather photo albums from graphic image --- pink & green, of course!
on my way out of epitome papers, almost forgot to post a photo of the store front:
anyway, i came across this adorable ornament on the clearance table. i ended it paying only $1.50, which is awesome considering it was $17.50 full price!
...so fitting, right! love it!! HA! HA!
check out the mouse on the back...too cute!!!

over at twill, i saw a huge table of ties that were a mess! so of course i had to go inside and check it out. turns out every tie on the table was marked down to $19.99! seriously?!?!?!?!! robert talbott, breen, hickey freeman, etc. --- HELLO! you know ties that range from $85-$150 and up!

i'm kicking myself now, because my husband and father have enough ties that i didn't buy more than one for each! darn it!!!

below are the two ties i ended up buying. the robert talbott on the left retailed for $125.00 and the hickey freeman tie on the right retailed for $85l00. can't beat 1st quality ties for ONLY $19.99!
....plus, NO SALES TAX in MN!!! oh, why didn't i buy more! HA! HA!

hopefully, i'll be lucky and next year they will have the same sale! one can hope, right! LOL!

while wondering around the mall, i couldn't help but check out the black damier louis vuitton duffel below. black leather or in this case maybe vachetta trim with the monogram pattern...OKAY??!?! ugh, as much as i love louis vuitton i am NOT feeling this color combo! 

what do you think?

oh well, i love this photo from one of their display windows:

....love the wallets as passengers, lol!

oh well, before i forget i wanted to post photos from another fabulous store called ampersand over at the galleria.

yeah, one could do some serious damage here!

finally, here's a photo outside of melly. notice the lilly pulitzer SALE table! ha! ha! ha!
afterwards i headed over to 50th & france and bought a few tops over at talbot's! couldn't visit minnesota without taking advantage of not having to pay sales tax on clothing!

can't wait to visit again next year!

Monday, July 18, 2011

i'm back....

hey there, i'm back from vacation in northern wisconsin. it was great to get away, but the there's nothing like coming home to your own bed! HA! HA! HA!

friday, after it rained i ventured over to stillwater, minnesota, which is located along the st. croix river at the wisconsin/minnesota border. hard to believe the last time i visited was back in 1999! so much has changed, although the kitchen store i remember was still there! LOL! 

first up, i wanted to share photos from a store called mara miOMG, i fell in love with this store which is actually a store, studio and cafe in one! check out the cool photos below:
 NOTE the AMAZING selection of wrapping paper above and ribbon below!
OKAY, am i the only person who did NOT know DUFF GOLDMAN had his own line of fondant, sprinkles, baking dishes etc.?!?!?? REALLY!?!?!! guess, i haven't watched enough CHARM CITY CAKES lately! seriously, i had no clue!
i couldn't help but purchasing the BANANA SPLIT favored sprinkles! HA! HA! HA!

oh, let's not forget about the cafe! check out the yummy cupcakes below:
next up i came across a store called ALFRESCO. another place one could do some serious damage shopping! lol!

 the store had a little of everything, home decor, gifts, furniture, clothing, etc. check out beautiful couch below! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

across the street was actually the only store i remember, which is called THE CHEF'S GALLERY.

this store kept going and going....so much fun to wonder around!

finally, the last place i wanted to mention is called STILLWATER OLIVE OIL CO.
i have to say the DARK CHOCOLATE olive oil was my favorite! YUM! 
great way to get away from being cooped up at the lakehouse for a day and a half due to the rain! lol!

be sure and check back tomorrow, as i plan on posting about my little shopping trip over to edina, minnesota.

hopefully, you are all staying cool! it's a hot one out there, ick! thankfully, i've been spending a lot of time at the pool! meanwhile the central air has been on full blast, lol!

oh before i forget, rue la la will be hosting the GUCCI sale boutique tomorrow!
in case you aren't a member of ruelala, click here for your personal invite. sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!