Saturday, March 19, 2011

pink & green, herend and much more...

hope your saturday is off to a fabulous start! did you know spring official starts tomorrow! it's about time, i don't want to see another snowflake until november! got that old man winter!!! ha! ha!

as usual, i woke up before 7am! better than last saturday when i woke up at 5:30am and couldn't go back to sleep! oh well, i am looking forward to taking my nieces shopping after their swimming lessons this morning. later we heading into milwaukee, wi and to celebrate my BIL's birthday...good times!

oh well, i was going through recent photos taken on my phone and noticed a theme...PINK & GREEN!  so with that said, enjoy...
next up, a photo of a beautiful P&G display i snapped while at calico corners.
finally, i can't own enough of these herend fishnet figurines!
if only i could afford one of each! oh, that would be so nice!
below is a photo of my small herend fishnet figurine collection. pretty pathetic compared to some of yours i'm sure! ha! ha! i bought this adorable display box down in marco island, florida back in january. 
too bad, my figurines have since been put back into storage. i'm afraid my cat is going to jump up, knock one over and break it! you know, like my injured bunny below that is not in the photo above for obvious reasons, lol!
curious, does anyone know when i can find one of these displays?
i took the photo above last summer while at ampersand in minneapolis, mn. ANYONE?!??!!?

oh well, yesterday i stopped over at the lexus dealership to get a new key for my husband's you can tell, i had black on the brain! i wore my black riding loafers from saks 5th ave, my black gucci purse and of course my burberry quilted jacket! note, NO winter jacket required...YEAH!!!
i need to replace the black plastic shell of my husband's key that was broken.  turns out it cost $75 [including tax] to get it fixed! highway robbery if you ask me! luckily, the wait wasn't long....less than 10 mins!

unlike other dealerships, i don't mind sitting in the lexus waiting area! flat screen tv, snack and FREE starbucks! lol!
of course, i couldn't resist making 2 mocha's, one for me and one for my husband! ha! ha! those 2 drinks alone are worth about $7 alone, so we'll say the key replacement cost $68, instead of $75 --- still highway robbery, lol!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

top of the morning...

  happy st. patrick's day!  

i can't wait to celebrate with some live irish music, a few drinks and of course some corn beef and cabbage! also, looking forward to watching MICHIGAN STATE take on UCLA

...go SPARTANS!! 

how do you plan on celebrating?

if you are in the chicagoland area you may want to stop over at CARIBOU COFFEE and take advantage of this $2.00 deal! 

UPDATE: you will need to print a copy of the image below to get your drink or email me at and i can forward the email attachment to you and you can show the email on your phone. without the coupon you are out of luck, sorry! i know, so much for the luck of the irish! LOL!
thank you SUBURBAN PREP for the email notification. i also received a copy in my email, but love your deal notifications! thanks again!!

for those of you outside the chicagoland area, check and see if your local CARIBOU COFFEE is participating in this $2.00 medium drink deal. i can't imagine it's an offer exclusive to chicago?  check it out!

oh well, hope you have a fabulous day! make it a great one!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

they're here...YIPPEE!!!

one can never have enough pillows, right! ha! ha! these just happen to represent the pillow fabrics i have in my bedroom at the moment.  
so excited, the pillow covers i ordered over the weekend arrived today! YIPPEE! glad i ran over to CALICO CORNERS over the weekend and picked up the down pillow inserts. still waiting on the 12x20 down pillow insert, the hinsdale, il location didn't have any in stock. should have it in a week or so!
can't wait to see how they look on my sofa! i waiting share with you until i have the 12x20 down insert. in the meantime, check up a close up of the pattern below. i love it! 
oh well, until the 12x20 down pillow insert arrives the pillows will have to chill in these CALICO CORNERS bags, lol! 
hope your day is going well! my husband was kind enough to bring me home a lobster for dinner! he can be such a nice guy when he wants, lol!
oh well, now it's time to "chilax" and read my mail, of which i received the latest copies of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL and the CHICAGO magazine! fun! fun! fun!
one thing i can't wait to check out the article titled, PREPPY FABRICS THEY'RE BACK  ....really?!?!!?!?

....okay, as if they ever left! LOL!

Monday, March 14, 2011

the big reveal is here! come on over...

okay, so my bedroom remodel #2073 is almost complete, lol!  

as i mentioned in my last post, i decided to move my new ethan allen end tables up to my bedroom. i think they look awesome on either side of my settee.

what do you think?
not sure if you can see the antique rug in the photo above, but actually i inherited it from my grandmother. it has been in her family for generations. i have others around this one happens to be one of my favorites!

below is a close up, you can clearly see how worn the edge of the rug that look!
items like this rug that have been been passed down to me have even more of a sentimental value to me seeing that both sets of my grandparent have passed on. god rest their souls!

if you follow me on twitter, you may remember this tweet:
unfortunately, one of my aunts passed away from ovarian cancer. shortly after i started my blog almost 3 years ago, wow! hard to believe it's been that long! anyway, she had cancer and it spread quickly! after a few surgeries and removal of several organs she was given about 8-9 months but died about 2 months later.

so let me ask you, what is your most memorable wedding gift?  

anyway, speaking of gifts that have sentimental value my aunt gave us 12 placesettings of our sterling silver flatware [towle, legato] and ALL of our serving pieces! nice, huh! she was such a generous and stylish woman! so you know, every time i use my sterling silver flatware i can't help but think of her!

makes me sad just thinking about her death. she was only 61 years old when she died.   very sad, god rest her soul!

okay, back to my bedroom move. as much as i am obsessed with NAVY BLUE, i can't believe there is no NAVY BLUE in my color palette! ha! ha! ha!
i have to tell you these ethan allen end tables are perfect for storing all my HOUSE BEAUTIFUL, BETTER HOMES & GARDENS, TRADITIONAL HOME, VERANDA, TOWN & COUNTY, FOOD NETWORK, OPRAH MAGAZINE and MARTHA STEWART MAGAZINE collections! LOL! you can see a clearer image below:
one actually stores all my home decor magazines and the other holds all of my cooking magazines....such a FABULOUS idea!!! of course i had to place my urns in front!
i just love these mini staffordshire dogs, expensive little buggers [made in england] but i love them! i bought them on vacation in new orleans a few years back and have been searching for a large pair ever since! either i can't justify the cost or i don't like the style of the dogs!
time to "chilax" and watch the end of hawaii 5-0!

finally, below is an image in the morning with daylight in the background, so warm and cosy!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

ugh, march madness or WWIII?

how is your sunday going? hopefully, your sunday is going be better than mine! i can't decide if march madness or WWIII is going on in my bedroom?
you be the judge!

anyone else out there in need constant need of change?

come on, be honest! i know i am NOT the only person who gets bored easily and constantly moves furniture around at least 6-7 times a year! back when we were in our house in grosse pointe, michigan, i think i painted my kitchen 5 times, living 2, dining room 7 times, etc. yes, i know i have! what can i say, i love change!!!

anyway, today i came up with the not so bright idea of moving my bedroom furniture around after deciding against putting my new ethan allen [yes, you can barely see the in the image above. so much for a big reveal, lol!] accent tables in my living room. the wood finish doesn't really match the chestnut color of my leather.

anyway, as you can tell from the photo above i put the accent tables in my bedroom. i'll post photos once the bedroom is organized! someday, lol!

oh yes, this battle didn't go with out injuries! yup, my favorite FIG scented candle from hendri bendel --- BROKEN!
great, anyone have any idea how to salvage the candle? it smells so good and i reall don't want to throw it out?  i could always break the rest of the glass and stick the candle inside the GINGEROOT candle that is almost out? hmmm, let's see how that goes! lol!!!

i don't know, this chair is rather comfy and i have my eyes on one of these bottles of wine from my favorite winery in michigan called round barn winery!
hmmm, wine or cleaning?

unfortunately, you know the, ugh!

better get my ass up and get back to work! somebody shoot me, please! thank you!!!!