Thursday, March 17, 2011

top of the morning...

  happy st. patrick's day!  

i can't wait to celebrate with some live irish music, a few drinks and of course some corn beef and cabbage! also, looking forward to watching MICHIGAN STATE take on UCLA

...go SPARTANS!! 

how do you plan on celebrating?

if you are in the chicagoland area you may want to stop over at CARIBOU COFFEE and take advantage of this $2.00 deal! 

UPDATE: you will need to print a copy of the image below to get your drink or email me at and i can forward the email attachment to you and you can show the email on your phone. without the coupon you are out of luck, sorry! i know, so much for the luck of the irish! LOL!
thank you SUBURBAN PREP for the email notification. i also received a copy in my email, but love your deal notifications! thanks again!!

for those of you outside the chicagoland area, check and see if your local CARIBOU COFFEE is participating in this $2.00 medium drink deal. i can't imagine it's an offer exclusive to chicago?  check it out!

oh well, hope you have a fabulous day! make it a great one!

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  1. I printed up a few and I am going to Hackeny's with friends and my 2 yr old nephew and I will give them the coupons as well. The little man (he is half Irish after all--his father is Italian) will be thrilled to see the bagpipers and the other musical things going on.
    Have a great day.