Wednesday, March 16, 2011

they're here...YIPPEE!!!

one can never have enough pillows, right! ha! ha! these just happen to represent the pillow fabrics i have in my bedroom at the moment.  
so excited, the pillow covers i ordered over the weekend arrived today! YIPPEE! glad i ran over to CALICO CORNERS over the weekend and picked up the down pillow inserts. still waiting on the 12x20 down pillow insert, the hinsdale, il location didn't have any in stock. should have it in a week or so!
can't wait to see how they look on my sofa! i waiting share with you until i have the 12x20 down insert. in the meantime, check up a close up of the pattern below. i love it! 
oh well, until the 12x20 down pillow insert arrives the pillows will have to chill in these CALICO CORNERS bags, lol! 
hope your day is going well! my husband was kind enough to bring me home a lobster for dinner! he can be such a nice guy when he wants, lol!
oh well, now it's time to "chilax" and read my mail, of which i received the latest copies of HOUSE BEAUTIFUL and the CHICAGO magazine! fun! fun! fun!
one thing i can't wait to check out the article titled, PREPPY FABRICS THEY'RE BACK  ....really?!?!!?!?

....okay, as if they ever left! LOL!


  1. Gorgeous pillows girl!!! Wow, I love the blue ones!

  2. Great pillow fabric. There's nothing like a good cushion recovering to bring on Spring:).

  3. I love that pattern....they're going to look great.
    Lobsterrrrrr yum!!

    PS - Michigan's loss today ruined my bracket!!! Ugh. :(