Saturday, March 19, 2011

pink & green, herend and much more...

hope your saturday is off to a fabulous start! did you know spring official starts tomorrow! it's about time, i don't want to see another snowflake until november! got that old man winter!!! ha! ha!

as usual, i woke up before 7am! better than last saturday when i woke up at 5:30am and couldn't go back to sleep! oh well, i am looking forward to taking my nieces shopping after their swimming lessons this morning. later we heading into milwaukee, wi and to celebrate my BIL's birthday...good times!

oh well, i was going through recent photos taken on my phone and noticed a theme...PINK & GREEN!  so with that said, enjoy...
next up, a photo of a beautiful P&G display i snapped while at calico corners.
finally, i can't own enough of these herend fishnet figurines!
if only i could afford one of each! oh, that would be so nice!
below is a photo of my small herend fishnet figurine collection. pretty pathetic compared to some of yours i'm sure! ha! ha! i bought this adorable display box down in marco island, florida back in january. 
too bad, my figurines have since been put back into storage. i'm afraid my cat is going to jump up, knock one over and break it! you know, like my injured bunny below that is not in the photo above for obvious reasons, lol!
curious, does anyone know when i can find one of these displays?
i took the photo above last summer while at ampersand in minneapolis, mn. ANYONE?!??!!?

oh well, yesterday i stopped over at the lexus dealership to get a new key for my husband's you can tell, i had black on the brain! i wore my black riding loafers from saks 5th ave, my black gucci purse and of course my burberry quilted jacket! note, NO winter jacket required...YEAH!!!
i need to replace the black plastic shell of my husband's key that was broken.  turns out it cost $75 [including tax] to get it fixed! highway robbery if you ask me! luckily, the wait wasn't long....less than 10 mins!

unlike other dealerships, i don't mind sitting in the lexus waiting area! flat screen tv, snack and FREE starbucks! lol!
of course, i couldn't resist making 2 mocha's, one for me and one for my husband! ha! ha! those 2 drinks alone are worth about $7 alone, so we'll say the key replacement cost $68, instead of $75 --- still highway robbery, lol!


  1. Love your Herend fishnet collection. It looks so cute in your new display case. I have no idea where you could find the glass case but it is cute too. Have you ever though of painting your display case white? Just a thought.
    I'm loving your black vibe. Looking good!
    Have a great weekend and enjoy this nice weather.

  2. I Love Pink and Green...definitely springtime colors!
    I'm your #100 follower...YAY!
    Amy's Life @

  3. Love your Herend collection. Free Starbucks at the Lexus dealership? Wow!. I gave the Volvo dealership where I get my Volvo serviced extra points for having a soft drink machine (it's called a coke machine down here in Alabama).

  4. Love your blog! My entire room is pink and green :) Serena & Lily is perfect decor for spring. I guess I'm definitely another preppy shopaholic as well!

    Diary of a Debutante @

  5. Wow, $75 isn't that bad in my book! When husband broke the key to his Mercedes a replacement key was $400!

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