Sunday, March 13, 2011

ugh, march madness or WWIII?

how is your sunday going? hopefully, your sunday is going be better than mine! i can't decide if march madness or WWIII is going on in my bedroom?
you be the judge!

anyone else out there in need constant need of change?

come on, be honest! i know i am NOT the only person who gets bored easily and constantly moves furniture around at least 6-7 times a year! back when we were in our house in grosse pointe, michigan, i think i painted my kitchen 5 times, living 2, dining room 7 times, etc. yes, i know i have! what can i say, i love change!!!

anyway, today i came up with the not so bright idea of moving my bedroom furniture around after deciding against putting my new ethan allen [yes, you can barely see the in the image above. so much for a big reveal, lol!] accent tables in my living room. the wood finish doesn't really match the chestnut color of my leather.

anyway, as you can tell from the photo above i put the accent tables in my bedroom. i'll post photos once the bedroom is organized! someday, lol!

oh yes, this battle didn't go with out injuries! yup, my favorite FIG scented candle from hendri bendel --- BROKEN!
great, anyone have any idea how to salvage the candle? it smells so good and i reall don't want to throw it out?  i could always break the rest of the glass and stick the candle inside the GINGEROOT candle that is almost out? hmmm, let's see how that goes! lol!!!

i don't know, this chair is rather comfy and i have my eyes on one of these bottles of wine from my favorite winery in michigan called round barn winery!
hmmm, wine or cleaning?

unfortunately, you know the, ugh!

better get my ass up and get back to work! somebody shoot me, please! thank you!!!!


  1. Here'e the trick to salvage your fig candle. . . stick it in the freezer upside~down on top of a plate for a few hours. Then gently pry it out with a knife! Viola, it will come out in one piece and then you can put it in another glass! In fact put the ginger root in there as well and then you'll have the perfect sized glass! Hope that helps! And yes, I love to redo EVERYTHING, current obsession is my Spring wardrobe...Lilly private appt. this Friday! yaaaay!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  2. P.S. We have very similar addictions!
    I love love love my LV duffel! and purses and and and! Your blog rocks, I dig the new style!

    Mrs. K.

  3. Always redoing things! I'm in the process of going through all my stuff this week to redo my spring wardrobe just like Mrs. K above :-)

  4. You're too funny.... that wine sure is tempting!!! Hope the cleaning went well and there were no more injuries haha.