Saturday, June 4, 2011

do you think i'm tex-y? lol!!!

i think this could be my favorite OPI color yet! don't you just love the name - do you think i'm tex-y!!!
in case you are curious it's color NL T17.

although, like red paint i think i could use another coat on my fingers. two coats just don't seem to be enough! ha! ha!
sheesh! i turned out to be a rather HOT & HUMID [yuck! yuck! yuck!] day in chicago, so much that i've decided to scrap my shopping plans! instead i visited the farmers market, had a mani & pedi [obviously], took a dip in the pool, a currently doing a few loads of laundry and shortly heading out for sushi and the chicago white sox/tigers game! fun! fun! fun!

i figured next week while on vacation in MD, DC and VA, i will be doing plently of shopping!  like i asked before ....if you have a favorite place to shop in annapolis, georgetown, alexandria, charlottesville, richmond and or williamsbug, please share! thanks!! 

just a few more days...

enjoying a beautiful saturday morning breakfast out on the patio. if only every morning was this gorgeous in chicago! ha! ha!

so much to do before i leave for vacation in a couple of days! can't wait to visit some of my favorite destinations --- annapolis, georgetown, alexandria, charlottesville, richmond, williamsburg, etc. fun! fun! fun!

do you have any favorite shops you like to visit when you are in  annapolis, georgetown, alexandria, charlottesville, richmond and williamsburg?

today's festivities involve stopping over at our local farmers market, mani-pedi, shopping, sushi and then i'm heading down to cellular field for the chicago white sox/detroit tigers baseball game! i just hope the t-storms hold off for the game this evening!  GO DETROIT!

lucky for me the tigers colors are blue & orange!

guess that means i'll be sporting these beauties:
as if i needed an excuse to wear my jack rogers, lol!!!

hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

can't wait...

so excited, in less than a week i'll be on vacation! yup, heading off to VA, DC & MD...can't wait! i am purposely packing light! you know...leaving enough room in my suitcase to buy some goodies along the way! ha! ha!

sadly, my LV keepall will be staying home! i refuse to take it with me when i fly and i certainly don't pack light enough to use it as a carry on!
oh well, this afternoon i was getting out of my car and realized that there's something about silver sandals and pale legs/feet that bother me! not sure what it is, but i know i could definitely use some color!!! lol!
yeah, i could definitely use some color! ha! ha!

Monday, May 30, 2011

why is it...

don't you hate it when you see something in the store and it looks great! you get it home, plate it up [on my monogrammed PREPPY PLATES platter] and it looks blah! good thing we weren't having company over, lol!

oh well, at least this market salad from whole foods tasted great! looks aren't everything, it's the taste that counts! lol!

few people inquired about what's in whole foods market salad? i haven't forgotten about you. ingredients include: mixed greens, walnuts, cranberries, gorgonzola cheese and their AMAZING balsamic vinaigrette dressing! oh which you can't see anything but mixed greens in the image above, lol!

if anyone has mastered how to make this dressing, please share! i can't bring myself to spend $5.99 for a small bottle of salad dressing!

then again, it would be cheaper than the $7.99/salad bar price considering i've been having this salad just about everyday!

oh well, hope you all had a wonderful memorial day weekend! it was a HOT one here in chicago! yuck! yuck! yuck! luckily, the pool is "FINALLY" open!