Tuesday, May 31, 2011

can't wait...

so excited, in less than a week i'll be on vacation! yup, heading off to VA, DC & MD...can't wait! i am purposely packing light! you know...leaving enough room in my suitcase to buy some goodies along the way! ha! ha!

sadly, my LV keepall will be staying home! i refuse to take it with me when i fly and i certainly don't pack light enough to use it as a carry on!
oh well, this afternoon i was getting out of my car and realized that there's something about silver sandals and pale legs/feet that bother me! not sure what it is, but i know i could definitely use some color!!! lol!
yeah, i could definitely use some color! ha! ha!


  1. Woohoo, have the best time on your trip! Annapolis will be a highlight I bet! :)

  2. im heading away for the weekend and cannot decide if I should use my Keepall either!

    at least these are the dilemmas we have right?!? haha

  3. Have agreat time.
    Can you believe that it is actually warm enough here to wear sandals?

  4. Hope you have a fabulous trip. Be sure to post pics of all your fun finds! :)

  5. Oh I would love to be going on a holiday! Have a wonderful time.

  6. Be sure to wave as you pass through Virginia! Have a great trip!

  7. Oh Have a great time!! Finally we can wear our sandals and paint our toes!

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    Art by Karena

  8. Cute bag! Love the ribbon!