Thursday, March 29, 2012

i'm back...


apologies for the delay in posting! last week i was on vacation in florida and am finally getting caught up with all my emails. i'm not the biggest procrastinator for nothing, lol!

anyway, tonight i attempted to make sushi! yup, sure did! although, the rolls actually turned out more like hand rolls, lol!
while i florida, i stopped over at the tod's outlet in orlando and bought this beautiful black leather tote. i know, really another purse! like a need another purse, lol!
i am bummed that i don't know what style the purse is called?

not sure why but their receipts don't even reference the style on the receipt...WHATEVER! HA! HA!
i bought another tod's purse there 3 years ago and remember them keeping the tag then too! why??!! i don't get it?!?!

oh well, isn't it beautiful! the leather is so soft and i got it for a great deal!

oh, how nice it would be back in florida sipping on a mojito by the pool!
meanwhile, the weather here in chicago is so crazy! one day you need the A/C and the other heat!

i just don't get it, lol!

that's okay, i'll survive! LOL!