Wednesday, February 8, 2012

so excited!!!!

nothing is better than walking into HOMEGOODS and walking out with a fabulous piece of furniture!

last night i wondered over to HOMEGOODS and came across this beautiful ottoman from SOUTHERN FURNITURE CO. in conover, nc.

the fabric will work, but eventually i am going to have it reupholstered to match the pillows i am having made over at CALICO CORNERS.
what do you think?

here's a close up....
isn't it beautiful! best of all it was on SALE for $135.00! not bad for an ottoman that normally retails for $500.00!


if you've been keeping up with my blog, lol! that's sort of a joke, since i haven't blogged much lately. anyway, still no word from the offer we made on another place this week! fingers crossed we get it!!!!

have a great night!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

heads up....

well, seems like a new week, a new offer on the table! ugh, i am so ready to just buy a place and be done with it! this isn't the 1st, 2nd, but this will be the 3rd place we will be purchasing! fingers crossed we get this one! after all, this is the 4 offer we've put on the table this time around...our poor realtor, lol!

oh well, have you tried these at CostCo? omg, they are amazing! they are perfect lightly toasted with a just a little bit of butter! they taste like a cross between a bagel and english oven.

i've only tried the MORNING ROUNDS cranberry orange. i'd be curious if they come in any other flavors!
if you haven't tried them, i highly recommend you should! yum!!!!

oh, before i forget rue la la is hosting a elizabeth mckay sale tomorrow, 11:00EST! get there early, like other sales the good stuff goes fast!

if you aren't a member of rue la la, click HERE for a personal invite. sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE! check it out today.

happy shopping!