Wednesday, February 8, 2012

so excited!!!!

nothing is better than walking into HOMEGOODS and walking out with a fabulous piece of furniture!

last night i wondered over to HOMEGOODS and came across this beautiful ottoman from SOUTHERN FURNITURE CO. in conover, nc.

the fabric will work, but eventually i am going to have it reupholstered to match the pillows i am having made over at CALICO CORNERS.
what do you think?

here's a close up....
isn't it beautiful! best of all it was on SALE for $135.00! not bad for an ottoman that normally retails for $500.00!


if you've been keeping up with my blog, lol! that's sort of a joke, since i haven't blogged much lately. anyway, still no word from the offer we made on another place this week! fingers crossed we get it!!!!

have a great night!


  1. Great ottoman!! Love Homegoods!

  2. That is a great score! I love the lines on it and the fabric is fabulous!

  3. Whoa! What an awesome find! I havent been to HomeGoods in forever I think I might need to head over there ASAP now! xo

  4. I love the fabric! Hopefully it'll have a perfect place in your new home. :)

  5. Oh that is a gorgeous piece. Show us pictures of where you put it (hopefully in your new home soon!).

  6. That's so cute! I love it and I looove homegoods :)