Thursday, September 8, 2011

one of my favorites...


well, if you know me you know i love just about everything pink, green and navy blue! actually, navy blue is my favorite color! on that note, did anyone purchase anything from the design report indigo SALE over at joss & main?

i couldn't resist buying two of these zigzag pillows. 
can't wait to see how they look in person.

if you love navy blue, you should definitely check out the design report indigo sale over at joss & main. not a member of joss & main? no problem, click here for your personal invite. sales are private! membership is free!

hopefully you all had a wonderful labor day weekend! we spent our time up north in northern michigan at our cottage. the weather wasn't the best, but that's okay plenty of shops and wineries to keep ourselves occupied! LOL!

here's a photo taken a l. mawby. check out l. mawby here:

 below could be one of the coolest sofas, especially if i lived in texas. this was was taken at another favorite winery called forty-five north. here's a link to their winery:
 of course we did the most damage over at black star farms winery! after all a trip up north isn't complete without a baguette of bread from stone house house bread in leland, a block of raclette cheese and a bottle of local michigan wine!

here's a link to black star farms winery:
needless to say, it was a great trip up north! i saw this adorable wine frog on our way out of forty-five north. too cute to pass up, cheers!

hopefully we will make it up again sometime during the know before that nasty 4-letter word arrives....UGH!!!!