Saturday, April 2, 2011

nom nom nom!!!

nothing like a couple of macaroons to satisfy a sweet tooth! lol!
if only i could learn to make macaroons! then again i take that back, better off leaving it to the professionals...just like cake pops! i saw this amazing book on cake pops over at sur la table! AMAZING ideas, plus it's only $19.95!
after all, check the step-by-step photo below....simple enough, right?!?!?!?
at least for me, tried making cake balls twice and failed badly each time! ha! ha! ha!

another thing i think i should leave to the professionals, lol!  check out the pop corn bags below, seriously aren't these the cutest!  
if only i could be so talented!

oh, in my last post i blogged about smoothies. well, i had a smoothie at a place on damen in wicker park [chicago] this morning and paid $8.80 for a 20oz. "wolverine" smoothie! seriously, highway robbery if you ask me! then again, i needed to use the little girls room and felt obligated to buy something. ha! ha! ha!
check back later for another post on the AMAZING deals i scored today!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

recipe talk...

yesterday i read classic annie's post about recipes. if you haven't read her post, check it out. i loved how her family handed down recipes in the original recipe box. i wish i had my grandmothers recipe boxes. not sure where they ended up? oh well, i'm sure we can all picture our mother's, MIL's, grandmothers recipe boxes, etc.

how do you store all your recipes?

i actually store a bunch of my favorite recipes here:
does this look familiar? it's  from williams-sonoma.
do you own any of this collection?

i managed to purchase the complete set. let's see, i have the mixing bowls, cookie jar, garlic holder, lotion/soap container and the 4 large canisters for flour, coffee, sugar and can't think of the 4th? this is such an awesome "classic" kitchen collection williams-sonoma carried for a few years. sadly, i believe they have discontinued carrying these items.

the rest of my recipes are in my cookbooks and a number can be found inside my PERSONALIZED tastebooks.

have you heard of tastebook? it's often considered the iTunes for recipes.

it's a website that allows you to create your own cookbook using all of your favorite recipes from sites like epicurious, allrecipes, fine cooking, food & wine, food network, gourmet, betty crocker, bon appetit, southern living....just to name a few!
i have also given a few a gifts!

for more information on how to create your own tastebook, click on the link below:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so refreshing...

anyone else a fan of smoothies?
i am, which is why i was super excited to find a smoothie recipe booklet inside april's issue of food network magazine!
can't wait to try out some of the receipes, especially the spa cucumber smoothie! YUM!
i am also looking forward to trying the honeydew-almond, watermelon, cucumber-kale and for a sweet treat how about the black & white smoothie!

unfortunately, smoothies don't sound very appealing this morning! it's BELOW freezing here in chicago! yup, you read that right....BELOW FREEZING! seriously, it's almost april and it's 29 frickin' degrees outside! ugh, can you say....BRRRRR!

actually, i think a white chocolate mocha from starbucks sounds better, lol!

do you have a favorite smoothie blend?

Monday, March 28, 2011

gosh darnit! IF only....

i would take the time to my email! ugh, i am kicking myself for not reading one email in particular.

what? why?

argh! let me show you:

ugh, are you kidding me! i can't believe they had this GUCCI card case/wallet on sale in BLACK over at BEYOND THE RACK....really?!?!?!?!

what's even worse is even before learning about this SALE i wanted this card case/wallet in BLACK! i even searched the GUCCI website and couldn't even find this online! i am going to find another, but it was such a STEAL! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you may recognize this card case/wallet from my post from yesterday. i bought this same card case yesterday at GUCCI in blue:
gosh darn it!

i wanted that exact card case/wallet for this GUCCI beauty:

oh well, next time i will be more alert so i don't pass up a sale like this:
speaking of BEYOND THE RACK, if you aren't a MEMBER click here for a personal invite. sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE! sign up today!

thanks for letting me vent! i hate it when i miss out on a steal...don't you?!?!?!?!?! :(

oh, speaking of SALES don't forget to mark you calendar for the NAMBE sale over at RUE LA LA! the sale starts march 31st and 11AM EST! 
just like BEYOND THE RACK, sales are PRIVATE and membership is FREE. feel free to click here for a personal invite to RUE LA LA! 

...happy shopping!

another fabulous delivery...

two weeks ago, john from misikko contacted me about reviewing the HANAair professional hair dryer.  i've never reviewed a product before, so sure why not! well, i have to tell you i am so glad i said...YES!!!

the box arrived last friday, along with some other goodies that i wasn't expecting!
let's see,  misikko was so kind to send me a bottle of paul mitchell shampoo, kertain complex smoothing therapy shampoo inside a flat iron box, some lavender flower soaps, nail files and hand sanitizer, an adorable hanging monkey and of course the HANAair professional hair dryer! WHEW!

below is a close up of the hair dryer.
don't you love the sleek italian design?

off the bat, i loved the design and the 12 ft. cord. can't tell you how many times i wish the cord was longer! ha! ha!

the biggest difference i noticed after using the hair dryer for the first time is that my hair wasn't "static" like it's been normally. i have to tell you that is a BONUS in itself. i also noticed it didn't take as long to dry my hair, which is great!

overall, i can't say anything bad about this hair dryer. it's one of those things, either you love it or you don't!

if you are in the market for a new hair dryer, i highly recommend checking misikko's HANAair professional hair dryer here.

below are a list of features listed on their website.

Hana Salon Air Hair Dryer Features:
  • Ion Technology- condition hair & reduces static electricity
  • Tourmaline & Titanium Oxide Technology- natural ions promote healthier hair
  • Silver Nanotechnology- for antibacterial Protection
  • Scratch Resistant Shell with black metallico finish adds durability and is easy to clean
  • Long life motor with low noise
  • Gyroscopically balanced for easy handling
  • Fiberglass concentrator
  • Italian Design
so glad to "good-bye" to my cheap hair dryer from target...ha! ha!
feel free to check out misikko's website here and read reviews from other owners of this awesome hair dyer. misikko also sells a line of flat irons too.

NOTE: the views and opinions expressed on this blog are that of my own. i received this product free in order to write an honest review. thank you!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

guess what i bought?

after a full day of shopping, i am finally home, relaxing and just finished watching a horrible movie on lifetime called georgia rule with linsday lohan, felicity huffman, dermot mulroney and jane fonda. sorry, but in my opinion the movie sucked!

oh well, i bought a little something over at gucci today. what could possibly be inside?
if you read my blog, what i bought shouldn't come as a surprise. ha! ha!

my original intention was to buy a wallet, either the continental wallet with engraved gucci script logo or the wallet with engraved gucci script logo. however, i ended up buying this lovely card case instead. i have to tell you...i LOVE it!
turns out they didn't have the wallet and who really carries checks around anymore? so the checkbook was out. plus, i have a louis vuitton checkbook wallet that holds my checks and doesn't leave home. so really the best fit was this 3-pocket card case. plus it was less than the wallets, yippee! 

the card case is in leather, which is different material than the fabric used in my gucci vintage web purse but the sales associate said it looked good...OF COURSE!
so i finally have a matching wallet/card case for my purse, yippee!
now i really want this gucci small cosmetic case! maybe i'll purchase that when we are on vacation in las vegas. better to spend $180.00 on a gucci cosmetic case than lose it in the slots, lol!

while i was shopping, i also purchased a couple of wedding and bridal shower gifts for a couple of upcoming weddings! so glad those gifts are out of the way, now i have to figure out what to wear to the weddings! i'll save that for a different post! ha! ha!

additionally, treated myself to a white frost tea at argo favorite!

 plus, a cupcake from sprinkles cupcakes....yea, i was a bad girl but it tasted so good, lol!

oh, while over at blommingdales i saw these adorable espadrilles from kate spade: cute!