Tuesday, March 29, 2011

so refreshing...

anyone else a fan of smoothies?
i am, which is why i was super excited to find a smoothie recipe booklet inside april's issue of food network magazine!
can't wait to try out some of the receipes, especially the spa cucumber smoothie! YUM!
i am also looking forward to trying the honeydew-almond, watermelon, cucumber-kale and for a sweet treat how about the black & white smoothie!

unfortunately, smoothies don't sound very appealing this morning! it's BELOW freezing here in chicago! yup, you read that right....BELOW FREEZING! seriously, it's almost april and it's 29 frickin' degrees outside! ugh, can you say....BRRRRR!

actually, i think a white chocolate mocha from starbucks sounds better, lol!

do you have a favorite smoothie blend?


  1. I love food network magazine! I Hope it gets warmer for you soon! 29 Degrees is NOT cool!

  2. You should check out the Thymes Two Twin's smoothies. They have some yummy ones...

  3. I would drink smoothies every day if I could. There is a smoothie shop close by and they make this awesome banana smoothie. YUM!!!!

  4. Food Network Magazine is one of my favorites! I'll have to look at that booklet..I love smoothies too!

  5. Yum! I love a good smoothie. Sending you sunshine from FL!

  6. Love 'em! I'm actually giving away some Yoplait smoothie stuff on my blog, it was pretty good.