Sunday, March 27, 2011

guess what i bought?

after a full day of shopping, i am finally home, relaxing and just finished watching a horrible movie on lifetime called georgia rule with linsday lohan, felicity huffman, dermot mulroney and jane fonda. sorry, but in my opinion the movie sucked!

oh well, i bought a little something over at gucci today. what could possibly be inside?
if you read my blog, what i bought shouldn't come as a surprise. ha! ha!

my original intention was to buy a wallet, either the continental wallet with engraved gucci script logo or the wallet with engraved gucci script logo. however, i ended up buying this lovely card case instead. i have to tell you...i LOVE it!
turns out they didn't have the wallet and who really carries checks around anymore? so the checkbook was out. plus, i have a louis vuitton checkbook wallet that holds my checks and doesn't leave home. so really the best fit was this 3-pocket card case. plus it was less than the wallets, yippee! 

the card case is in leather, which is different material than the fabric used in my gucci vintage web purse but the sales associate said it looked good...OF COURSE!
so i finally have a matching wallet/card case for my purse, yippee!
now i really want this gucci small cosmetic case! maybe i'll purchase that when we are on vacation in las vegas. better to spend $180.00 on a gucci cosmetic case than lose it in the slots, lol!

while i was shopping, i also purchased a couple of wedding and bridal shower gifts for a couple of upcoming weddings! so glad those gifts are out of the way, now i have to figure out what to wear to the weddings! i'll save that for a different post! ha! ha!

additionally, treated myself to a white frost tea at argo favorite!

 plus, a cupcake from sprinkles cupcakes....yea, i was a bad girl but it tasted so good, lol!

oh, while over at blommingdales i saw these adorable espadrilles from kate spade: cute!


  1. What a great day with the card case (LOVE!), cupcake & tea!! Those espadrilles are SO cute!! I am way ready for some Spring and Summer weather!

  2. Love the wallet. I did some Gucci damage to in Las Vegas last week. Later in the week I spotted the navy patters at The Crystal and regretted getting what I got. The navy is next on my wish list.

  3. Sorry for the typos above...I meant "too" and "patterns".

  4. LOVE the Gucci wallet! Your bag is so cute too! You made me want a cupcake so bad!!!

  5. Love your blog! You would be wild about this new brand that has amazing polo shirts and button downs!

    They are based out of Chicago too!

  6. Love the new card case and you must get the make up one to match!