Saturday, March 26, 2011

incase you wanted to know...

's of me...

A. ARUBA...spent 2 weeks in aruba on my honeymoon.

B. favorite color!

C. CATS...i have two of them!

D. DANCE...i'll be honest, i suck when it comes to dancing! so when i saw this cup of at the grand geneva resort & spa in lake geneva, wi, i couldn't help but take a photo, lol!

E. EGGS BENEDICT...favorite breakfast food, besides crepes!  YUM!  below is a photo i took of my eggs benedict last fall over at the white gull inn in fish creek, wi [aka door county, wi]. the white gull inn actually won ABC’s good morning america's "best breakfast in america challenge" back in may 2010 for their cherry-stuffed fresh toast, which my husband had that morning.

F. FLOWERS...or florida, both make me happy!

G. GROSSE POINTE, MI....where i grew up. 

H. HOT AIR hot air balloons, especially these prints:

I. INTERNET...if it weren't for the internet i wouldn't blog, tweet and surf facebook, lol!

J. JAPANESE FOOD....more specifically sushi, YUM!
K. KEYS...never leave home with out them!

L. LOBSTER...although, i live in chicago i manage to have lobster 3-4 times a month! YUM!

M. all time favorite childhood movie is 'STAND BY ME' --- yup, i had a huge childhood crush on a "young" wil wheaton. circa 1986, lol!

N. in newport, rhode island, oceancliff to be more specific. also where my family spent a number summer vacations. hoping to make it back out there in august!!

O. oysters!

P. favorite flowers!

Q. QUALITY...prefers quality over quantity! 

R. RETAIL THERAPY...need i say more, lol!

S. in stowe, vermont. my family has been vacationing there [specifically the trapp family lodge] for about 17 years.

T. TEA...obsessed with ARGO TEA! especially, their frostea....YUM!!

U. our cottage in northern michigan [aka upnorth] is where i seem spend most of my vacations! can't wait to go back up over memorial day weekend!
V. VIRGINIA...where i went to boarding school.

W. WATER...i've always lived near water! chicago - lake michigan, grosse pointe - lake saint clair and even when i was away at boarding school i lived near water.

X. X...worth 8 points in scrabble!

Y. Y2K...Y2K is the year i got married! 

Z. ZERO...sorry, got nothing!


  1. This is so fun! Peonies are my favorite flowers too! And Chicago is probably one of my very favorite cities to visit ever.

  2. Love how you did this!! R - my favorite.

  3. You are such a doll!
    Fun facts....

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  4. Mmmm I love eggs benedict! It's my very favorite thing to have for brunch!

  5. oooh, we have a lot in common!! i love crepes too, and those hot air balloon prints! also, water and lobster, yum!! i'm new to blogging too, please stop by!