Thursday, December 29, 2011

...and i'm back!!!

sorry it's been forever since my last post!

if you follow me on twitter you probably know why. last week my husband went in for a physical. turns out one of the tests the doctor performed was a test for colon cancer. unfortunately, a few days before christmas he got the results and tested positive for colon cancer.

normally colon cancer isn't tested until you are around 50! well, thankfully this doctor checks well before!

needless to say, for about a week we were on pins & needles! the "unknown" was killing me! 

to make a long story short he had a colonoscopy yesterday and it turns out he had 3 small polyps and a few hemroids. the doctor is going to do a biopsy on the polyps but he's pretty sure they will be pre-cancerous! Thank God!

apparently, all the anti-inflamatory meds he's been taking for his knees are probably the culpurts for the postitive colon cancer test results! ugh!!!!!! sorry boy, tylenol from here on out!

of course, you can only imagine what a going through my head over the past week! so thankful, this story has a positive ending! thankfully, we bite the bullet this time!

christmas on the other hand, wasn't so joyous considering the circumstances. yeah, it was pretty much just a blur! 

now that we have answers, i feel up to posting again! with that said, below are two of my favorite presents! i got the concord mariner watch [which i picked out, of course! sorry, i'm not one for surprises!] and a matching GUCCI vintage web wallet to go with my GUCCI vintage web hobo!
i don't know about you, but my wallet and purse must match! ha! ha!

oh well, after christmas i stopped over at bloomingdales and actually found the TORY BURCH Christopher Radko ornament i wanted for 1/2 off, plus a few LITTLE GREEN BAG totes. 

today i stopped over a HOBBY LOBBY! why, i really need to stay away from that place! anyway, i found these adorable urns to go with my 2 vases - one shown in the picture below.

so cute!!!

yeah, funny that everything in the photos above has blue in it! lol! what can i say i have a thing for navy blue!

UPDATE: just stopped over at rue la la and saw this adorable silver hampton's leather tote from jack rogers! fyi...rue la la also has it available in gold, stellar deal too!!

wouldn't this hampton's leather tote look perfect with my silver jack rogers! so cute!! so tempted to order this tote! ugh, as if i need another tote! lol!

not a member of rue la la? no problem, click here for your personal link. the sale is located under the rue associate sample sale link. sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!

okay, i'll try and post before new year's, but if not i hope you all have a save and happy new year! later!