Thursday, May 5, 2011

what do you think?

last night i was looking at NORDSTROM's may catalog and came across a couple of items to add to my MUST HAVE LIST!

first up, how about this tunic!
isn't it beautiful, i love it and best of all it's under $140!

also, check out these adorable TORY BURCH sandals:
they look adorable, but they personally don't look very comfortable.

might be better off sticking to my JACK ROGERS, ha! ha!

in any case, i'll try them on over the weekend and make my final opinion.

also, just a head's up reminder that you can find WILTON ARMETALE over at ONE KINGS LANE starting tomorrow!
not a member of ONE KINGS LANE? no problem, click HERE for your personal invite. sales are PRIVATE and membership is FREE! can't beat up to 70% off retail!

also, just found out that PREPPY PLATES is back! this time over at HAUTELOOK starting sunday!

below is a photo of my recent order from PREPPY PLATES. NOTE: for personal reasons, i have covered the monograms on both the coaster set and tray.
...can't wait to see what they have this time around!!

not a member of HAUTELOOK? click HERE for your personal invite! just like ONE KINGS LANE, sales are PRIVATE and membership is FREE!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

another lilly pulitzer "oh, no!" moment...

just my luck, ugh!

don't you hate it when this happens?!?!!?!?

YES, i know it's been two weeks since my last manicure! don't worry, it's on my agenda for this weekend! ha! ha!

i can't believe my LILLY PULITZER pen exploded in my fingers! seriously, what a mess! good thing i had a cup of water on hand, ha! ha!  i just hope it didn't leak inside my LOUIS VUITTON purse, if so i'll be one unhappy camper!

oh well, it's not the end of the world! life goes on, right?!?! ha! ha!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

wow, that was fast!!!

i amazed how fast GILT GROUPE ships! seriously, i just placed my order on friday! turns out the package arrived yesterday and i didn't even know about it until this morning. would be nice if my husband told the package arrived, but that's asking too much! lol!

anyway, my husband is heading to israel for two weeks this fall. no i am not going! jealous, yes but whatever! his mother is taking him. must be nice, ha! ha!

oh well, i ordered this adorable passport cover over at the GRAPHIC IMAGE sale over on GILT GROUPE.
oh well, i hope he likes it! not like i am going to return it if he doesn't, lol!

now i want to order a pink one for myself!

i actually saw the pink one i want over at stacey leuliette gracious living in birmingham, mi. i love that store, if you are ever in the metro detroit area be sure and check out the store! i hope to make it over there next weekend when i am back home in grosse pointe, mi for the weekend.

can't wait to get back to michigan, it's been forever since my last visit! plus, i have a gift certificate to use up over at the village that store! maybe a little something for my trip to virginia, d.c. and maryland in june? fun! fun! fun!

also, don't forget to check out the NAMBE sale event which starts tomorrow over at HAUTELOOK:

if you aren't a member of HAUTELOOK, click HERE. sales are private! membership is free!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

it's about time...

you know it might only be in the 50's here in chicago, but it's may 1st and i have waited long enough to bring out these beauties! ha! ha!
i love these TIFFANY & CO. inspired JACK ROGERS! this is actually the 1st time i wore this pair, definitely not my last! ha! ha!

yup, time to bring out the rest of these beauties, enjoy the sunshine and hopefully some warm weather!!!!!

oh wait, i am spending the day cleaning, doing laundry and watching the red wings / sharks hockey game!

...go detroit!

oh yea, a trip to cost co later! i wonder how much gas is there? haven't been in a few days. the shell station by us just raised their reg. gasoline to $4.39/gallon! mind you, it was $4.27/gallon yesterday! i just don't get it! forget $5.00/gallon gasoline, it's coming --- can you imagine when it hits $6.00/gallon?!?!?!

ugh, what has obama done for you lately?!??!