Wednesday, April 20, 2011

are you serious?!?!?

since flipfloppearls is having problems with mr. linky, i thought i would post my own semi-wordless wednesday.

seeing that easter is right around the corner, i thought these photos would be perfect! lol!!

on that note, hope you all have a wonderful easter!

okay, mr. linky is up and running, check out the other entries from semi-wordless wednesday:

we are FINALLY heading to las vegas tomorrow! can't wait, so if you don't hear from me for a few days, you'll know why!

almost forgot to share the color i chose for my last mani/pedi. it's from OPI, called your such a kabuki queen.

fabulous color, if only my mani would last longer! ugh!!! i just had it done on friday and could already use a touch up and haven't even left for vegas yet, ha! ha!
be sure and check out my post from yesterday, click here.
guess what's inside the box?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

good things come in BIG packages, right?!?!?

i am SO glad my husband was home when this package arrived!

after all, it's only storming outside! better yet, what if the package arrived after left  for las vegas?!?!? yikes, that would have totally sucked! someone could have stolen it and that would have really sucked!

any guesses as to what might be inside?
just to give you an idea of what the weather is like in chicago....let me show you!
....down right MISERABLE!!!

ugh, not to mention it's ONLY 36 degrees outside! i don't know about you but i am SOOOOOOOOOO done with old man winter!  seriously, GET LOST!!!!!!

is it too much to ask for a little spring like weather? ugh!!!!
oh well, the PREPPY PLATES monogrammed coasters and tray i ordered from ONE KINGS LANE arrived!
super excited, they turned out fabulous! i saw them in person over at ALL SHE WROTE on armitage in LINCOLN PARK, so i knew what to expect.  now i can't wait to entertain with my new tray and coasters!

oh well, just two more days until we leave for las vegas!
have i started packing? nope! laundry? yup!

oh well, before and check back tomorrow for my semi-wordless post! guaranteed to make you say WTF! lol!!!

tuesday's post...

anyone else a fan of bulgari's BLV notte?

reminds me a lot of bulgari black, which i bought years ago. anyway, i picked up a bottle and love it!

below is a few magazines i received in the mail over the past week. i was originally going to save and read them while on vacation in las vegas.

of course, that didn't last! guess i'll have to pick up new reading material when i get to the airport. ha! ha! great to time read up on the latest gossip!

have you seen these cakes at baby showers?
such fabulous way of sharing the sex of your child if you don't want to wait until the child is born!

the weather here in chicago is absolutely horrible! cold, damp, rain and even snow for some...seriously, we are in the middle of april, ugh!!! oh well, just a couple more days until we leave for las vegas! can't wait!! at least there it will be sunny and in the 80's!

oh, one last thing...still not a member of rue la la?!?!?!?

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finally, how about those red wings!!!   go detroit!