Thursday, March 31, 2011

recipe talk...

yesterday i read classic annie's post about recipes. if you haven't read her post, check it out. i loved how her family handed down recipes in the original recipe box. i wish i had my grandmothers recipe boxes. not sure where they ended up? oh well, i'm sure we can all picture our mother's, MIL's, grandmothers recipe boxes, etc.

how do you store all your recipes?

i actually store a bunch of my favorite recipes here:
does this look familiar? it's  from williams-sonoma.
do you own any of this collection?

i managed to purchase the complete set. let's see, i have the mixing bowls, cookie jar, garlic holder, lotion/soap container and the 4 large canisters for flour, coffee, sugar and can't think of the 4th? this is such an awesome "classic" kitchen collection williams-sonoma carried for a few years. sadly, i believe they have discontinued carrying these items.

the rest of my recipes are in my cookbooks and a number can be found inside my PERSONALIZED tastebooks.

have you heard of tastebook? it's often considered the iTunes for recipes.

it's a website that allows you to create your own cookbook using all of your favorite recipes from sites like epicurious, allrecipes, fine cooking, food & wine, food network, gourmet, betty crocker, bon appetit, southern living....just to name a few!
i have also given a few a gifts!

for more information on how to create your own tastebook, click on the link below:


  1. I've got an acrylic recipe box with my monogram, but I also have a small notebook with all my mom's favorite recipes from mom, her mom and her MIL (grandmaw and granny, respectively). Love family recipes!

  2. yummy. i'm totally gonna have to try this. i have two massive notebook fulls of recipes. have to do something about that. lol Don't forget to swing by to see my latest trend report and your first look at lil baby Zoe. xoxo

    Follow on twitter. Yesterday Fash Blvd broke the story of Brad getting his own show and Rachel Zoe's first baby pic before Perez, TMZ, and E news!

  3. Ohhh what I'd do to get my hands on one of those recipe boxes!! NICE! :)

    My MIL made us a binder FULL of their (country/southern) recipes in a huge white binder in page protectors... use it all the time! :)

  4. This is the one area I am NOT super organized with. I have a collection of handwritten recipes, as well as many computer printed sheets of paper. I stash them all into a black binder and keep it with my cook books. One of these days I'll get around to organizing it! xoxo

  5. wow the tastebook is such a good idea!!!