Friday, July 29, 2011

oh, no she didn't! oh, yes i did!!!

greetings! we are up in lake geneva, wi this weekend. i just love it up here! just a short drive from chicago, can't beat it! although i would really like to be out in newport, rhode island with my family! oh well, next year for sure! plus, i won't wait until the last minute to "try" and purchase a flight at a reasonable price! the prices have gotten so outrageously expensive and i refuse to fly anything buy a direct flight if at all possible!

so lake geneva it is! ha! ha!

so did anyone buy anything at the JAYES sale event over at ONE KINGS LANE?

after 3 orders, a phone call and 2 shipping charges i am estatic to report i bought the following items:
super excited because these a going to be my new office accessories! at least for now anyway, we all know how i love change, LOL!!

i really wish they didn't give just a 15 minute window to add to your order once it's placed! ARGH!!! needless to say i'm not happy i had to pay a 2nd shipping fee but at least i didn't have to pay for a 3rd, lol!

it's not too late to head over to ONE KINGS LANE and check out the JAYES event. if you aren't a member, click HERE.  sales are private and membership is free! sign up today!

i'm a huge fan of JAYES, check out my previous purchases in my previous post - click HERE.

oh well, time to enjoy the evening along the shores of geneva lake! hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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