Sunday, July 24, 2011

sidewalk sales...

don't you just you love it when you're wrong!!! especially when it's in your favor! HA! HA! HA! after shopping on michigan avenue i  decided to head over to armitage in lincoln park. for some reason i thought the sidewalk sale was last weekend! well, to my joy was WRONG!

first stop...ALL SHE WROTE where i purchased this adorable small ROSANNEBECK tray for ONLY $15.00! the tray originally retailed for $40, but since there were a few scratches they ended up selling it to me for $15.00! SOLD!!!!

 i also bought a set of matching coasters for only $5.00! such a good deal i probably should have bought more!
best of all, i was there a few weeks ago and inquired about buying a plastic holder for my monogrammed [initals covered for personal reasons] PREPPY PLATES coasters below. glad i didn't place the order, lol!
i also picked up a few more boxes of christmas cards! one can never have enough extra christmas cards, especially ones that are WILLIAM ARTHUR! yup, 3 boxes for $20.00! HELLO!!!  such an awesome deal considering they retail for $32.00/box!

after leaving downtown i made a stop over in hinsdale to check out some fabric over at CALICO CORNERS. then i had to make a quick stop over at FULLER'S. i ended up purchasing this box to match my small fan vase and frame from GLOBAL VIEWS.

don't you love it when you find a good deal!

i know i do!

have a great evening! i'm off to the pool!


  1. Fab purchases! They're all soo cute! The tray is my fave- I've been looking for a cute one forever but can't seem to find a good steal!

  2. You found some good ones. I know you are good at shopping, but if your talent is also in the kitchen, I would love for you to share a recipe on my link-up on August 1. You may too busy shopping to cook. LOL! The link up will be called Meal-Planning Made Easy where bloggers can share recipes, meal planning tips, organization tips or anything to help us do our meal planning in August....even if that is "calling the nearest chinese take-out."

    Join me! Leigh

  3. love when I get a good deal!! looks like you found tons of lovely things <3

  4. What a good find!! I do LOVE when you come across something super cute then find out its cheap!

  5. Love the tray! Such a good deal, congrats!!

  6. LOVE that tray and the coasters. So jealous of your bargains-ya did well!!!

  7. Girl, GREAT finds! Jealous of each and every thing you bought. They are all too cute!

  8. What a super cute tray! I want one for my apartment :P

  9. Great finds! I especially love the tray.