Wednesday, February 22, 2012

enough is enough, right?!?!

okay, the next time i decide to venture over to the LOUIS VUITTON website, i need to remind myself of this photo:
yup, i think i'm set with my LV collection for now! ha! ha!

this isn't a large collection by any means, but for me, it's definitely enough! lol! this doesn't even include my collection of GUCCI, Tod's, Burberry and Prada purses. ha! ha!

oh well, hope your week is going well! just a few more weeks until we leave for florida! i have to say this vacation can't come soon enough! i am so ready to get away!

tomorrow we are having the "inspection" on the place we are hoping to purchase. still waiting on the bank, since it is a short sale! hopefully, the seller's bank agrees to our offer and we can proceed with closing! our attorney said we probably won't be closing until april, most likely may. argh!!!! so not a fan of short sales, lol!


  1. Beautiful collection of LV's. I am pretty well set too except for a Pouchette in the monogram pattern I'm wanting, and I would like a 25 Speedy Damier. Never satisfied I guess ;) So when are we going to get to see your other collections. I love getting ideas from fab collections.

  2. Lovely collection of LVs. I love LVs, but not THAT much - so props to you! Ha!

  3. That's a great collection!

  4. Love your collection but you could def add some damier azur or ebene if needed :)

  5. envying your collection!

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  6. I have just found your blog.
    I look forward to reading often.

  7. Whoa! How envious of you, you've got lovely collection in here.
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  8. aaaahhhhh, your louis vuitton collection is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!

    <3, Mimi