Sunday, April 22, 2012

OMG, seriously....

OMG! seriously, is this not the cutest set!
 i was at costco and came across this adorable chaise lounge, umbrella and side table over at costco.
seriously, what little diva wouldn't want chill out with this set this summer! best of all, the set was only $69.99! such a steal if you ask me! oh, too be young again! LOL!

oh well, once again i apologize for my lack of blogging! things have been really busy around here. we decided not to purchase the short sale we put an offer on. we have decided to hold out for something better. after all, it's still buyers market! for now at least!

anyway, yesterday i stopped over at homegoods and walked out with two lovely oil paintings. seriously, the framing alone costs more than what i actually paid for each of the paintings.

only thing left is to purchase 2 more picture lights to hang over each of the paintings. funny thing, those will probably cost more than what i paid for the paintings. LOL! sadly, these photos don't to the paintings justice! oh well...

so, of course, i stopped over at two different homegoods to see if i could find anymore that i liked, nope! maybe i will have better luck when i am in michigan next weekend?

hope you had a fabulous weekend! it's been so chilly here in chicago! wondering if spring will ever return? ha! ha!

oh well, time to make some chicken cacciatore with some amazing cacciatore sauce from a local chicago company that i picked up over at whole foods.  yum!


  1. Fab finds! I adore Homegoods as well.

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

  2. I LIVE for Costco. great blog!

  3. i need to get to homegoods for things for my new apartment! so exciting

  4. These are some great pieces! Love the blue/white striped outdoor umbrella and the matching chair.
    Also, the gold paint on that frame has a lovely sheen, that's quite nice.