Monday, July 23, 2012

yum! yum! yum! plus, a serena & lily score!

curious, if anyone else out there is fan of jason's deli?

jason's deli has locations all over the u.s. currently, i am obsessed with their fruit dip! omg, this stuff is amazing! wish i had a recipe so i could make my own! lol!

anyway, i had their califonia club for lunch - guac on the side, of course!  too bad, i waited until i was pretty much done with my meal to snap a photo.

oh well, check it out and if you haven't tried their fruit dip you should! it's delish!

almost forgot, anyone score any deals over at the SERENA & LILY SALE event over at ONE KINGS LANE today?

i did, thought i was too late...waited a few minutes, b/c the GOBI SHOWER CURTAIN i wanted in NAVY was in someone else's basket. hate it when that happens, argh!!!! sure enough, i waited long enough and it magically came available ....SCORE!!!!

[photo credit: ONE KINGS LANE website]

as if i need another shower curtain, sheesh! lol!

not a member of ONE KINGS LANE? no problem, click on the link below for your personal invite.

sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE! 


  1. My husband and I love Jason's Deli. We are not usually ice cream people but we do love their free ice cream.
    I love their corned beef sandwich.
    Hope you get their emails and belong to their "club" because then you will receive a coupon towards a discount for your birthday.
    There is one that is not too far from us.
    Glad to know someone else enjoys.

  2. We have a Jason's deli near us and all anyone talks about is the free soft serve! Their food is good though!