Saturday, May 28, 2011

guess what the UPS guy dropped off???

big plans for the weekend?

we are up in lake geneva, wi for the weekend.
so nice to get away from chicago for a few days! even though most visitors in lake geneva are from chicagoland, lol! can't wait to hit the shops in a little while! might even venture over to the outlet stores over in kenosha?

speaking of "shopping" both my LA PLATES and PREPPY PLATES orders arrived just before left for lake geneva! BONUS!

everything turned out great!!especially the large cutting board i ordered from LA PLATES a few weeks ago when i was in grosse pointe at the TB spring market.
here's another view of the cutting board and the fabulous color options! although i am partial to PINK & BLUE!

also, loving the PREPPY PLATES serving platters i ordered from HAUTELOOK.
sorry, for personal reasons i covered the monogram on everything!

both the platters and the cutting board will go great with my other PREPPY PLATES order below:
do you sense a common theme? lol! in case you are wondering underneath the bird above is a set of monogrammed coasters.

well, hopefully the weather you are is nicer than the overcast crap up here in lake geneva, wi. at least this is temp, sunshine and warmer temps are coming!!! hopefully, before we head back to chicago, lol!

that's okay, sitting a caribou enjoying a pineapple something smoothie. thanks to suburban prep for keeping me in the loop about the $3.00 smoothie deal at caribou!
oh well, i think it's time to go over at scuttlebutt's for their eggs benedict! hands down the BEST egg benedict in lake geneva!
hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I would be stalking the UPS truck for all those goodies!!
    Have a great weekend...I hope the weather turns soon!!

  2. I'm a new follower! Cute blog! :)

    I literally just got home from Lake Geneva and eating at Scuttlebutts - I love that place. I love the little soap shop there too.