Wednesday, May 25, 2011

can't wait...

this afternoon i saw a post on facebook that supposedly the state of ohio had something 69 tornadoes today? really?!?! can't believe how crazy the weather has been lately!

i know grosse pointe, michigan got pounded! flooding everywhere, kind of crazy! in case you are curious, click here to see a few photos posted on facebook. i don't ever recall seeing that much flooding around town....YUCK! knock on wood, my tenant hasn't called to say we had water in our basement! knock on wood!!!!

unfortunately, more bad weather is on the horizon for chicago! YUCK!!!  i'll be happy once this all passes over! after all, we are heading up to lake geneva, wisconsin this weekend!

as of now no rain in the forecast, at least the last time i checked! let's hope it stays that way! ha! ha!
are you heading out of town this weekend? if so, where?

okay, what's up with the news lady talking about gas prices going back up in a hurry?!?!!? WTH!!! why do i have to wait until 10pm to find out the reason why? i hate it when they pull that crap! ha! ha!

i don't know about you but we haven't seen gas prices UNDER $4.00/gallon in weeks! BS i tell ya! lol!

.......great sounds of thunder in the distance!


  1. This weather is crazy! STL just got finished with another batch of storms. I think we're in the clear for a while! Have fun in WI this weekend!!!

  2. I hope to grab mucho more rays as I relax poolside. Enjoy your trip!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  3. I guess we are just lucky living in the Chicago area and having the highest gas price average in the country.

    I hope that you have a good time in Lake geneva.