Sunday, May 22, 2011

you'll never believe what i found...


hope you all have a wonderful weekend! we spent the weekend up in a small town in northwest wisconsin for my brother-in-law's wedding.

friday was my husband and my 11th wedding anniversary. so instead of going out for dinner for our anniversary, we attended their rehearsal dinner. kind of strange, seeing that they got married the day after we got married [different years, of course!] but you know what i mean! ha! ha!

that's okay, we are going celebrate our anniversary while up in lake geneva, wisconsin next weekend. can't believe memorial day is NEXT weekend!

oh well, have you ever gone out of town for a wedding and "the friend" unexpectedly arrived?!?!?!

well, that's exactly what happened to me! needless to say, the dress i originally intended to wear was out of the question, UGH!!!

of course, saturday morning i frantically searched for something to wear? the wedding was at 1:30pm, which didn't leave a lot of time! UGH, with NO MALL in sight i had two choices kohl's and target.

personally, NOT a fan of kohl's! i usually shop there only when i receive those buy $10.00, get $10.00 FREE cards in the mail! ha! ha!

well, i am pleased to report that kohl's didn't let me down! i ended up buying this adorable dress from their apt. 9 collection:
it was love at first sight! ha! ha! here's a close up of the dress...
can you believe i paid ONLY $29.99 for this dress!

i also picked up this black sweater to wear over the dress, since it was in the 60's yesterday. actually, found it on clearance for $10.00! 
instead of wearing a pair of one of these lovely ferragamo's, i decided to wear my black jack rogers!
as for a purse, i had no choice but to carry this tory burch clutch:
so glad that what could have been a total disaster was diverted thanks to kohl's!

kohl's also has the same dress in green, but the store didn't have my size. i'm definitely planning on going to stop by a kohl's near me and buy it in green!

anyway, the wedding was beautiful and my BIL and SIL are now on their way to st. lucia for their honeymoon,  lucky dawgs, ha! ha!

hard to believe, 11 years ago my husband and i were  married and actually on our way to aruba for two weeks for our honeymoon.  below is a photo taken on the day of my wedding back home in grosse pointe, michigan:
what i wouldn't give to be a bride again, lol!


  1. Wow, you scored with that dress! Cute outfit! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Awh Happy Anniversary! Khol's can have some really great finds!

  3. That dress is so cute, can't believe it's from Kohl's! I usually don't find anything good there. Guess I shouldn't write it off entirely!

  4. What a good find and in a pinch too!! Congrats on 11 years!

  5. oh im so envious of your ferragamos, those are just gorgeous! congratulations on 11 years! xo

  6. Wooo Hoooo on the 11 years!
    Glad you stumbled on a diamond in the rough.
    A girl never knows!

    Mrs. Kindergarten

  7. Cute, cute!! And happy anniversary! So fun that you could spend your anniversary reliving the committment you had made to each other through your brother's wedding!

  8. Great find at Kohl's!

    Happy Anniversary! I would love to be a bride again too! it was so much fun planning my wedding. I think in my next life, I'll work as a bridal gown consultant. When we were in Chicago gown shopping for my friend, I realized how much I loved that process.

    Glad to see you enjoyed your trip home to GP! beautiful paintings!