Wednesday, April 6, 2011

got my lilly pulitzer fix for the day...

so did you end up buying anything over at lilly pulitzer SALE over on rue la la?

i ended up ordering this adorable gator critter straw clutch in navy blue [of course!], along with a pair of matching navy blue mckim's for a wedding up in harbor springs, michigan this summer.
 if you aren't a member of rue la la, no problem - click here for your personal invite. SALES are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!


  1. There was a tunic that I wanted, but it was already sold out. I should have bought the McKims. They're so cute!

  2. Ohhhh I like! I was shopping so fast that I don't know if I got the navy or black mckims. Oh well, I'll be happy with both! I got the clutch in pink. :)

  3. ah, i'm so jealous! i forgot about the sale and didn't take my wallet to class-- i wanted the gold mckims so bad, but didn't have my debit card, so i couldn't order them (i should probably just memorize the number for future incidents like this, hehe)...

  4. Great! I am jealous too. Love your navy clutch and McKims. By the time I got to Rue La La everything was sold out in my size.

    Your bag and sandals will be perfect for a Harbor Springs wedding.

  5. I saw this purse at a Lilly store in Florida over spring break, adorable!