Sunday, April 3, 2011

feel the love...

with the royal wedding less than 4 weeks away, i can't help feel a little british love!

how about you?

after all, i am 25% english, lol! my grandfather was born in london and moved to the united states when he was a teenager. i remember visiting my grandparents and seeing lots of british memorabilia in their home. however, my grandparents have since passed on and so has their british memorabilia.

anyway, while out and about yesterday i noticed a trend.  first off, thumbing through the current issue of cottages & bungalo i came across this painted dresser. the magazine actually goes on to show you how step-by-step how to paint with stripes.
then i stopped over at fuller's in hinsdale, il and noticed this floor mat.
then i saw this pair of headboards over at one kings lane:


  1. One of my grandfathers was from England.
    I have a brother who has been living in London for the last 10 yrs. It is a coincidence though because he was supposed to be here in the Chicago area on the 29th. The 29th is actually my parent's 50th anniversary and it is this same brother's 45th birthday. The reason he is not joining the rest of us here is because he is having surgery on his knee on Tuesday. (I am one of 7 siblings and we were trying to get all together for my parent's bid day--ok my brother's birthday too). Actually we have my father's birthday, a nieces 8th birthday and another sister and her husband will be celebrating their 7th anniversary all around that same time within a 10 day period. but the 6 of us who are able to will be here and my brother and his wife and two young sons will be in London (they had kind of hoped to be out of the craziness).

  2. LOVE English stuff... I can't help it, I'm a little excited too!! Eek! ;)

  3. Happy belated BD! Tickled Pink & Green also shares our BD. Hope you had a great weekend and share pictures of your BD presents with us.