Tuesday, April 5, 2011

location! location! location! aren't these awesome....

we all know, especially when it comes to real estate ...location! location! location!

have you seen seabags with zip codes?

i know there are a number of seabags fans out there. i about died when i saw these on saturday over at all she wrote on armitage in lincoln park [chicago].

seriously, aren't these the cutest!

seriously considering ordering one of these bags, but really....DO I REALLY NEED ANOTHER TOTE?!?!?! that is the question? if you read my blog, you already know the answer. ha! ha! 

speaking of ...location! location! location! i also previously posted about these adorable notepads also available over at all she wrote.
ironically, both represent two of my previous zip codes back when i lived in wrigleyville [60657] --- yes, i lived a couple blocks from wrigley field when i first moved to chicago and moved to lincoln park [60614] about a year later.

NO! i NEVER became a chicago cubs fan! sorry, detroit tigers fan here!

speaking of last saturday, i am still craving the macaroons i had last weekend!

i have found a couple of other bakeries in chicago that carry macaroons. going to have to check out another location next weekend! YUM!!!! 
in case you missed my post from yesterday,  rue la la is hosting another lilly pulitzer SALE starts tomorrow, wednesday, april 6th!
if you aren't a member of rue la la, no problem - click here for your personal invite. SALES are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!

also don't forget to check out one kings lane  for the preppy plates SALE event  which starts TODAY! 
can't wait to check out this SALE!

i really want those monogrammed coasters on the left side!!

if you aren't a member of one kings lane, click here. just like rue la la, sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE!

OMG! as i type this post my cat is lying next to me sound asleep and SNORING! too cute!! 


  1. Just found your blog through the Puttin' on the GRITS giveaway! You have great finds on here! Love it! If you haven't already check out my blog Haymarket Designs Blog

  2. Quite a loaded post and I LOVE IT ALL!!!! I love those totes- and seriously you can never have enough!

  3. Love the totes. I agree with the last post you can never have enough.

  4. Love the preppy plates...just went to check them out! Very cute!