Saturday, April 9, 2011

Omg! this looks AMAZING...

i just finished watching my favorite segment on the early show [CBS] called "chef on a shoestring ".  well, today they featured sheryl crow and chuck smith who teamed up together to create a cookbook called, IF IT MAKES YOU HEALTHY.

i have to get my hands on this cookbook! there is a recipe called chocolate avocado mousse. yes, chocolate avocado mousse! can you believe it, i don't know about you but i love avocados and chocolate but who would have thought about combining the two ingredients together....WOW!

anyone else watch the chef on a shoestring segment?

seriously, doesn't this look AMAZING!  can't wait to make this recipe!

chocolate avocado mousse

to watch the whole segment, click on the link HERE. best of all, it's healthy!

i did a quick search and Dr. OZ has a similar recipe on the web. 

have you tried this chocolate avocado mousse? if so, how is it? inquiring minds want to know!


  1. I saw them both on the Rachael Ray show promoting that cookbook, it looks good!

  2. Wow let me know how it is. SOUnds interesting.