Monday, March 7, 2011

what do you think?

as much as i love my smathers & branson "republican" needlepoint key fob, it's time for something new.
i still can't believe i spent $125, at least i think that's what i paid for the LV key chain also in the photo above.

curious, do you ever look back and regret purchasing anything, even though at the time it was something you really wanted, even if it is brand like LV??!?!?!

below are a few needlepoint options i like over on the smathers & branson website:
i also ventured over to another tucker blair and found three more needlepoint key fobs i like:

of 3 choices from tucker blair the one i like the best is the one with the sailboat and lighthouse. you may have noticed it in the 1st image, i bought for my husband back in '07 at the junior league of chicago's holiday gazebo.

hmmm, maybe i could just take back his key fob and buy him something else? hmmmm, that's definitely a possibility but doubt i'll take his 2nds, lol!

all i know, come election time i will proudly bring out my republican needlepoint key fob...just sayin'!

of the 6 choices shown above which one is your favorite? you never know, in the near future i could hold a giveaway! hint! hint!

curious are there any other companies out there that also sell needlepoint key fobs that i should know about? if so, let let me know. thanks!

oh well, i am listening to the weather report and this week it's pretty much going to suck here in chicago. although, next week we could see temps in the 60's  ----- YES, you read that correctly! 60 degrees, bring it!!

can't wait to bring out all my jack rogers/stephen bonanno sandals!
it's been far too long!


[photo credits: smathers & branson and tucker blair websites]


  1. Love the starfish one!!! Do you needlepoint? If so sign of the arrow in St. Louis sells blank keychains that people stitch and they are the absolute best quality. I've had mine since I was 16 (3 years) and it is still in great condition. Here's a link to what they look like from a giveaway I did ages ago!

  2. I love the starfish one! I love the republican ones too, but I just love pink and green!

    P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway you should check out!

  3. I like the Republican one as well as the sailboat.

    And you bet there are have been a few items that I have regretted purchasing.

  4. I have the same GOP key fob! I also bought it for my husband. I like the elephant with the martini...I just love elephants! I also love the crab.

  5. I just love your Republican one!

  6. I just love your Republican one!! Oh my goodness, I'm going to have to order one!! And that elephant martini one is precious too. Love love love!

  7. Love the elephant martini one. So cute! - Natasha

  8. I <3 the one you use... but hey we all need a change sometimes!! Especially something you use everyday. Love the elephant martini.
    I hateee buyers remorse... but I think its just something a shopaholic has to accept will happen sometimes :)

  9. I'm so glad I found you on your new blog! It has been a while since I've blogged but I'm back now :) I love the Tucker Blair keychains - they are too adorable. I think I may need one asap! I broke out my Jacks a few days ago. It was still a little too cold for my piggies but I just couldn't help it!! Come on summer!

  10. I love the pink and green one! I really need to get a new one!

  11. That's quite a collection of Jacks...just had a pedicure. Bring on Spring~

  12. I bought a black Chanel classic bag in 2004 with silver hardware! Oh how I wish it was with gold but I still use it once in awhile! xx