Tuesday, March 8, 2011

shhhhhh! don't tell anyone...

guess what i got today?

here's a hint:
no, not another cat! ...good guess!

i actually "trash picked" [shhhhhhhhh!] another settee. not sure if you can see the settee in the image above, it's a darker wood finish and i did not trash pick that one! wish i did, paid a pretty penny for it! ha! ha!
with a little TLC it will look good in no time!

normally, i am the one throwing out stuff people trash pick, but when i saw this settee i knew i had to have it! the sette will sit in the garage until i have time to restore and figure out where i am going to put it?!?! it actually belonged to one of my neighbors. they were getting rid of it because it was old and the settee has some damage on the seat. minor damage if you ask me, YIPPEEE!

did you remember to check out the perfectly framed sale event at rue la la? not a member of rue la la? click here for your personal invite. sales are private, membership is free!  vera wang for wedgewood, nambe and other brands included! i ordered the following nambe frame.
originally, i ordered this nambe "cascade" frame for a shower gift, but i think i am going to keep it for myself.

do you ever buy a gift and end up keeping it for yourself?!?!!?  ha! ha! happens to me all the time, lol!


[photo credit: rue la la website]


  1. I love Nambe.
    I have a few Nambe items I received as wedding gifts.

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  3. Love your cat in the sweater. I wish I could get sweater on one of my cats. Neither one would stand for it.

  4. wish they made that sweater golden-retreiver sized....

  5. Great trash grab. I'm sure it will be great when you finish it.

  6. Love the sweater! Spencer has the same one. And your cat is precious. I also have a solid black cat.