Wednesday, March 9, 2011

it's almost here...

it's a new year, spring is around the corner and that means time to start thinking about the next color combo to add to my growing collection of stephen bonanno [and yes, jack rogers too!] sandals.
yes, i know i have a small obsession with these sandals! lol!

still missing the silver pair which is up north, which i will get when we up to our cottage in michigan over memorial day.

i am sure many of you have seen these color keys. the one below happens to be the stephen bonnano color key. it's amazing all the color combos out there, some i love others not so much!  ha! ha!
i am still partial to stephen bonanno palm beach classic and emma classic monogram styles. monogrammed emma's in navy blue & white isn't very viewable from the photo of my sandals, but those are probably one of my favorite pairs!

as far as jack rogers, i'm a navajo girl! the white pair i have is actually a hi-najavo. basically, it has a slight heel. i don't know about you, but i can't have enough of these sandals! 

have you thought about what color combo you are going to go with for your next pair?

seeing that our next vacation is a trip to las vegas and well, i don't consider las vegas to be a very "sandal" friendly place. don't get me wrong, flip flops yet but not these lovely sandals. especially when you consider all the walking you do from casino to casino, at least that's my opinion anyway. however, wearing them to the pool or to dinner, you bet i'll be wearing them then!

speaking of sandals, do you have a favorite color combo?

i also checked out the stephen bonanno website and came across something new:
can't wait to see what these dog tags look like! i don't have a god, but i have a lead and collar! one of these days! i have even picked out the perfect monogrammed dog bed from l.l.bean!

have a great day!


[photo credit: stephen bonanno website]


  1. I'm partial to the Jack Rogers Navajo, because they're a great fit for my narrow feet! Hmm...I do like my recently-acquired silver pair quite a bit (also a hi-navajo), but I'm also a big fan of my first pair, a seafoam + white color combo. I just wish that pair matched with more outfits! I'd love another pair in navy + white, since I own so many navy clothes.

  2. Navy and white, PBC Bonanno's are going to be my next purchase. You have a lovely collection. I can't wait to dig mine all out of the back of my closet too.