Sunday, March 6, 2011

on a roll, why stop now...

so excited, yesterday i received a call that the side tables i ordered from ethan allen are here. actually, they will be available for pick up this week! 

while sitting in the lobby bar at the grand geneva resort & spa, i noticed something familiar. the same side tables i ordered! of course, i couldn't resist snatching a photo.
i probably won't get around to picking up the side tables up until next weekend. not sure what i am going to do with them yet?

you know this "transition" phase we are in really sucks! i can't wait for the day when our house back in grosse pointe, michigan is SOLD and we are in the market to buy something new! you know when we sold our first house in elmhurst, illinios it sold the day before it hit the market! plus our property value increased 33%. well, i just received my assessment from the city and well it was extremely disappointing! if we sold our house today it would sell for about $125,000 LESS than what we paid for it! talk about depressing, ugh!!!

then again we could always move back to grosse pointe, but i love it here in chicago! oh, why does life throw such curve balls!?!!?!!?

okay, time to change topics!

guess it's time to finish watching desprate housewives. i feel like i haven't watched this show in months! what's up with susan talking about dieing? and why is lynette talking as if her children are gone? sheesh, i'm lost!



[photo credit: ethan allen website]


  1. Love your new blog name!!! What fabulous end tables!!! So weird about property values! Good luck with everything!

  2. I can totally relate with real estate hell. Our condo, which we bought in 2008 for a steal, is worth a sad little amount right now. Luckily, we plan to live there for at least 5 more years. I just fear that buying a home isn't the investment it used to be. We may actually choose to rent our place out and then rent another home in the area. Who knows what the market will look like then? Hopefully you can sell soon!

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