Sunday, September 18, 2011

so excited...

greetings, hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!

unfortunately michigan state lost to notre dame, but at least the Detroit Tigers WON the 2011 AL Central Division, yeah! as for today, i'll be cheering on the detroit lionsGO DETROIT!!

i stopped over at a local consignment shop that specializes in furniture and antiques. you see i have been searching for a few years for a secretary that reminded my of my grandparents. while i found it yesterday! the secretary is made here in american by the jasper cabinet company out of jasper, indiana. it's beautiful, below are photos from inside the store:

here's a view from inside:

can't wait to go back saturday and pick it up. it's in wonderful condition and i think i paid a fair price for it! yippeee!

can't wait for the secretary to go from above to this:

comparing both pieces is it me or do the two look almost identical? i wonder if there are? what do you think? hmmmmm, i wonder?!??!!?

UPDATE: okay, my creative juices started flowing and i gathered the lamp, the mini staffordshire figurine dogs i bought in new orleans, one of my favorite oil paintings i have yet to get framed [however, now i won't have to re frame the painting], a pair of pink & green graphic design photo albums, a few old books and an empire pewter sugar and creamer set. i can see it now! of course there are other things to be added, but this is to give you an idea! so exciting, can't wait to see it all come together!

i also made a stop over to williams-sonoma and bought yet another piece of all-clad. as if my collection wasn't large enough already, lol! anyway, i bought the Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel Sauté Simmer, 4-Qt. . the pan normally retails for $245.00, on sale for only $99.00 --- SOLD!

oh well, this afternoon i think i am going to go out and buy some ribbon and make one of these wreaths for thanksgiving.



  1. GREAT find! I would love one of those, too. It's such a classic and a wonderful manufacturer!

  2. Greqat finds.

    I am one who was thrilled with the outcome of the ND-Mich State game.

  3. I have a Secretary that looks just like it. It belonged to my great aunt.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous secretary! How fun that it reminds you of your grandparents'.