Thursday, September 22, 2011

rubber stamps and an upcoming giveaway...

so excited to come this afternoon and find a small USPS box waiting for me!

last week i ordered a return address rubber stamp from a wonderful vendor on etsy. etsy is such an addicting site, not sure which is more addicting etsy or pinterest? lol! 
so of course i needed ink, i'm not much of a stamper so i ventured over to paper source! i bought red ink, a stamp cleaner and a nasty a$$ stamp cleaner that smells like a skunk, ugh!

i tested it out and it looks fabulous! can't wait to address my christmas cards in 2 months, lol!

in case you are curious below is an example of the font i chose:
the stamp turned out fabulous!!!!

speaking of christmas, there's only 93 days left until the magical day, lol!

on that note, have you notice christmas has arrived early again this year? i was at neiman marcus over the weekend and was greeting by the following site as i ventured down the escalator, lol!

crap...checked my phone and deleted the photo! ops, sorry! 

i also wanted to give everyone a heads up, i will be hosting an awesome giveaway on my blog in the next week or so! stay tuned....

okay, now back to pinterest!

1 comment:

  1. I think pinterest, cos I'm SO addicted to it :)

    I love stamps, so easy to DIY invitations, cards and all that :D

    Could you share the etsy shop you got it from? Please? I'm looking for some myself :)