Monday, August 8, 2011

weekend in grosse pointe...

hope you all had a wonderful weekend. we headed home to grosse pointe for the weekend. if only it weren't so humid, ugh!

oh well, i started my saturday with a walk from my parent's over to morning glory on the hill. here i am passing by one of my favorite streets in GPF.

 i still remember when cecil fielder lived on kenwood and his house was on fire. i can still remember seeing the flames from the back of my parent's house. this happened back in the 1990's when cecil fielder played for the detroit tigers.
last time i was in town morning glory was just about to open. so of course i had to check it out for myself! ha! ha! ha! after all, i have heard nothing but good things!

on my walk, i passed by the hill seafood and chop house to be exact, lol! in GP it's known as the hill which is also where we had our rehearsal dinner --- years ago, lol!
check out the beautiful flowers:
the hill is pretty much full of banking intuitions, real estate companies and restaurants. after all those are the only places that can seem to afford the outrageous rent! lol!

anyway, next up the dirty dog jazz cafe, which is also owned by the same owner as morning glory. don't you just love the outside!
next up morning glory...
below are a few photos from inside:

 i wish i could have gotten a close up of the murals below. the photo below doesn't do justice! next time i'm in town!!!!
i decided to try their eggs florentine. OMG, yummy!!!!

before i forget, i wanted to post a photo from a few of the cakes they had on display! i love the tiffany box style cakes cute!!

after breakfast, i had to stop over at the league shop for something! can't come to GP without making a stop at the league shop!
i'd post what i purchased but when i purchase something it is recorded in my profile. since i post my blog anonymously i'll have to pass! crap, goes against the topic of my blog! lol!

oh well,  on my way back to my parents i passed yet another fabulous grosse pointe dining establishment, cafe nini.
while on the topic of food, i went out to dinner with a few of my friends to rojo mexican bistro. another popular restaurant that recently opened that i had to check out! rojo is located in st. clair shores, so of course a drive along lakeshore drive is in order.

here we are almost to the grosse pointe yacht club.
finally, a photo inside rojo. honestly at this point, i forgot i was going to post about this on my blog. hence the crappy photo, sorry!
anyway, the food was amazing! i could only eat half of my order, knowing my husband would want my leftovers! sure enough when i got back to my parents, he was waiting! afterwards, he said it was the BEST mexican he's ever had! sure did!

if you ever make it to one of the four rojo locations, i highly recommend ordering the guacamole, it's fabulous!!!

oh well, if only the weather was nicer i could have taken more photos! next time...


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  2. It looks like you had a delightful weekend despite the sticky weather, I'm laughing about Cecil Fielder, I had forgotten about his house burning.

    You shared some of my favorite spots Miss Shopaholic, I hope your week is even nicer than the post, and that's saying something!

  3. What a delightful area. Charming streets. I like your photos. The two restaurants...morning glory and the jazz place, have great architecture. I need to look up the location of Grosse Pointe. I've never been to Michigan. I have two close friends (were not even friends prior to my introducing them once they both moved there) live in Birmingham. Is Grosse Pointe near there?

  4. I concur about Rojo. Excellent food. Same with The Hill. I haven't been to some of the newer places yet but I will be in GP later this week and I will definitely check out Morning Glory. Glad you had a great weekend.

  5. Carol, def. check out Morning Glory! Far cry from our days spent hanging out at Over The Rainbow, lol! HEE! HEE! HEE!

  6. I LOVE The Hill! Such great food! I've heard great things about Rojo. Isn't there also one in Novi? A new mexican place opened in Birmingham and I went last Thursday. it was great and light, which I like!

    Glad you had a nice visit home.