Tuesday, August 2, 2011

newport on my mind!

as in newport, rhode island! this week i am living vicariously through my parents who are back out in newport for the week. check back next week to see where they go next, hint: sound of music.

yup, basically two vacation spots my family has been vacationing every summer for the past 20+ years! oh, to be young again!

anyway, here's a view from the deck:
yeah, here's another view from the same deck. ha! ha! such a beautiful view, i am SO jealous! love how on yacht is going in while the other is heading out! what a life!!!

like i said before, i am not going to wait until the last minute to book a flight to providence! i am so on it next year, lol!
how about this sun set view? pretty spectacular, huh!
'here's a view from a beach my parents used to get their kayaks in and out of the harbor. another beautiful view! can you imagine all the LOBSTER swimming in that water! HEAVENLY!!!
not sure why my mom took a photo of the viking hotel? all i remember was that it was the 1st place we stayed at on our first trip out to newport...years ago!!!
i would post more photos, but i'm not sure my mom would appreciate me photoing photos with out asking. hee! hee! afterall, she doesn't even know about the ones i snuck from her above. gotta love kodak gallery! hee! hee! who me do something without asking? lol! yeah, i was the trouble maker growing up...still am! ha! ha! ha! one of the many reasons i was shipped off to boarding school! lol!

oh well, hope you enjoyed the photos! i'm thinking a lobster dinner is in order, probably thursday night! oh to be on the east coast....yes, i am super jealous right about now!


  1. Oh it looks marvelous. I wish I was there too. I just LOVE vacations. I haven't been there yet. Must add this to my list.

  2. That looks amazing!! I love Eastern beach towns!

  3. this looks amazing! The house they are at must be so much fun.

    sound of music...um please tell me they are going to austria?!?!

  4. Absolutely love Newport. Actually heading there in a few weeks to visit my best friend:) The shopping and food makes me giddy:)

  5. Amazing pictures! Look like a postcard!

  6. looks awesome! jealous of your parents!

    I have a fun rosette necklace giveaway going on, and you should enter! http://eliseypants.blogspot.com/2011/08/idk-my-bff-lauren-seek-first-guest-post.html