Thursday, August 11, 2011

i want this, this and this...

i just got home from a fabulous evening that consisted of lobster and calamari for dinner, which was followed by a little shopping. actually more browsing than shopping, lol!

after dinner i headed over to crate & barrel and noticed these adorable plates! seriously, if i didn't have so many sets of plates i'd be so over these! so cute!!
after wondering around crate & barrel i headed over to the land of nod and came across the perfect  acrylic desk mat solution for my desk! super excited, i've been searching forever for a good solution! the acrylic desk mat was only $32.00! worth every cent in my book, lol!
i couldn't help but take a photo of this adorable frog! of course, the sponsor was gibson's!  love gibson's, if you are ever in chicago i highly recommend you check it out! gibson's also owns one of my favorite restaurants --- hugo's frog bar & fish house! YUM!!!

 anyway, i love that the "waiter" looking frog is carrying a chocolate martini in one hand and a steak, potato and asparagus concoction in his other hand! too cute!

next stop nordstrom's for a black & white mocha! however, after leaving nordstrom i headed over to vera bradley. okay, i had no idea today is vera bradley's birthday! they had a purple beverage, cute pattern water bottles and cupcakes! i really didn't need the cupcake but i couldn't resist!
almost forgot, while wondering the mall in oak brook i came across a new store called hot mama! not sure how long it's been there, but honestly i don't think i have ever noticed it until now!

omg, i am in love with this store!!!!
 check out this awesome tunic dress! sadly, they did not have it in my size at their location or any location in illinois, pretty bummed!

 seriously, isn't the tank amazing! i think it would be perfect with a pair of skinny jeans and some pearls! so cute!!!
oh, speaking of clothing before i case you missed my last post...FYI...heads up, mark your pulitzer sale starts friday, august 12th over at rue la la!

not a member of rue la la, click here. sales are private! membership is free!

don't be late the good stuff sells FAST!


  1. I posted about a shirt that looks just like that dress earlier this week! I'ts the same pattern. I love it! Just thought I'd show it to you since the dress was out.

  2. I am sure you know that Crate owns Land of Nod

  3. Hot Mama looks so cute! I wish I had one by me!