Wednesday, June 15, 2011

more photos from my vacay...

as promised, here are some additional photos from my visit to annapolis. one of my favorite inn's is the state house inn located in the heart of annapolis.
check out the beautiful wreath that welcomes you as you enter the it!
while wondering along maryland ave.,  i came across this beautiful pottery. not sure if it is the navy and off white color theme that i love or the fact that everything is covered in crabs! oh, in case you missed my last post about shopping on maryland avenue --- click HERE.
next up a view looking down at the harbor:
here's a closer view of the harbor:
of course, while in annapolis i had to take a trip across the bay bridge to queenstown  to the GUCCI outlet store. to see what i purchased - click HERE.
back in annapolis, here are a few more photos...

after spending the night in annapolis, i headed over to georgetown, d.c. and alexandria, va. unfortunately for me, i chose a horribly HOT & HUMID day to visit!!!!! UGH! it was so hot i only took a photo of the vineyard vines store! ha! ha!
it was soooo hot & humid that i really wasn't in the mood to shop! pathetic considering the AWESOME stores in georgetown! that's okay, there's always next time! ha! ha! 

oh, yes....the outside temp may have been "102 degrees" outside according to my rental, but that didn't stop me from buying another BARBOUR jacket that wasn't even on sale! ha! ha! 

what was i thinking?!??! lol, right!!!! ha! ha!

oh well, check back later for more photos from my vacation. next up my visit to charlottesville, va!


  1. Hey Doll,
    I Just wanted to Say have a Wonderful Vacation....Was wondering what do you think about Annapolis, Md??? Did you get any Steamed crabs Yet??? If you like Crabcakes G&M Restaurant in Linthicum they have the best crab cakes in MD Ever...have a great time Doll!!!

  2. Love the pictures!! And seriously, the humidity in Maryland is going to ruin me:)

  3. Wow what an adorable town! So cute and preppy! I hear you about the humidity though :(

  4. in the mood to see THE CUTEST THING EVER?

    check this out.

  5. I have never been ... really hope I get to visit sometime soon. New jacket in the summer = true shopaholic behavior.

  6. You're lucky you found the matching Gucci Wallet. What a find! Welcome home btw.

    I had a blowout with my coworker today and have a new post called CO-WORKER SMACKDODWN. You can find it here (its entertaining):

    Michelle :)

    PS - I"m posting photos of the outrageous alchol belt (part of my giveaway) tomorrow. Would love if you stopped by.