Monday, August 22, 2011

something new...delicious and almost out!!!

well, not in that particular order!

other the weekend we ventured back up to lake geneva, wi. this time we "camped" with my BIL & SIL! yup, it was quite an experience! of course my husband and i camped in style --- coleman tent, north face sleepbags and kelty air mattresses! oh, and of course i wore my keen sandals around the campground. there's been serious debate on blogs lately whether keen sandals are considered "preppy" or not...sorry sista, there's a time and place for everything and when your camping there's nothing like wondering around the campsite in your keens! LOL! after all, i wasn't a girl scout and indian princess for nothing! LOL!!!

needless to say, i got a few buy bites but other than that it was a nice time! we ate out every meal except for saturday night! my BIL & SIL cooked for us! i have to tell you they picked up the BEST corn from a local farmer! worth the $5.00 they paid for a doz. ears of corn! YUM!!!

oh well, while wondering the shops downtown lake geneva, i ventured into the global gourmet & village baker --- as i do every time i am in lake geneva! this time i didn't come out empty handed! below is what i bought:
i bought robert rothchild farm's -- pineapple coconut mango tequila sauce [$9.95/bottle] --- perfect pairing for shrimp and calamari and their mushroom marsala sauce [$9.95/bottle], which we had tonight! i also bought a bottle of luigi capone's marinara alfredo combina sauce [$9.95/bottle].

i also bought a bottle of asian CHOYA plum wine for [$16.95/bottle]....OMG!!! this stuff is going to get me in trouble!
as i mentioned above, tonight we had the mushroom marsala sauce with sliced chicken breasts and no yolk noodle! yum...

but it was missing something....sour cream, added a couple of table spoons of sour cream and it was perfect!!!!

tonight i also had one of my favorite alternatives to "pop" - yup, here in the north it's "pop" ---used to love saying "pop" all the time when i was away at boarding school! hee! hee! hee!

anyway, tonight i had hansen's cherry vanilla creme natural cane soda!

so delish, their root beer is also delicious! you can purchase hansen's products at costco and whole foods. i'm sure it's sold other places, but those are the only places i have seen them.

as far as something "almost out" ... fingers crossed that gilt groupe has one of my favorite perfume's for sale at the laura mercier sale event that starts tomorrow, august 23rd!!

fingers crossed at least, as you can tell my bottle of Eau de Lune is almost out!

not a member of gilt groupe? no problem, consider yourself personally invited. click HERE for your personal invite! sales are PRIVATE! membership is FREE! last week they had JACK ROGERS! you never know what you'll find over at gilt groupe!!!

finally, fitting i should leave this part until the end but PLD is finally on pinterest! oh yes, i am! better late than never! so now you can follow me over at pinterest!

click on the link below:
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i am still trying to figure out how this whole thing works! i downloaded the PIN IT feature to my side bar...have yet to see it work! oh well, eventually i'll figure it out! ha! ha!

okay, now time to read all about the kim kardashian's wedding, lol!!!


  1. I'm on pinterest too, but have sero idea how to work the thing!! Loving that pop! My husband bought some at Costco and I'm obsessed.

  2. Good Morning!

    I dodn't want to post this here, but couldn't find an email address, so please feel free to delete this without my getting offended.

    I just wanted to tell you that I'm a follower and read every post. I love your blog. I've also awarded you the Lovely Blog Award.

    You can find the details and copy the award from my post here:

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love Robert Rothschild's products. They have a mango salsa, with a recipe for a fabulous dip. I may have to dig out the recipe. So yummy. It's been years since I have been camping, but I, too, would do it in style!