Tuesday, August 16, 2011


it's hard getting out of bed every morning when you have to deal with this by your head every morning!
i just love this little man!

oh well, any tea drinkers out there?

over the weekend i purchased a new teamaker at teavana. it's called the perfect teamaker and it rocks!!!  it's so cool! below is a picture of me brewing my 1st cup of tea!
best part you life the teamaker over your cup and place it on the cup and the tea "drops" and when you have enough lift it up and the tea stops pouring! so cool!

well, i was finally be able to place my wusthof order over at joss & main this morning! for some reason, i kept getting an odd error message trying to place my order yesterday. needless to say, can't wait to add this offset deli knife to my "classic" wusthof collection!

feel free to head over to joss & main and check out the wusthof sale event! lots of great deals! not a member of joss & main, click here. sales are private! membership is free!

wusthof in my opinion are the best knives on the market! i've had my wusthof set for over 10 years and still in excellent condition! after all you pay for quality, quality lasts...so true!!