Thursday, August 18, 2011

a few things added to my "must have" list...

so excited, the weekend is almost here! looking forward to going up to lake geneva, wi, again this weekend! venetian fest is this weekend, should be a good time! looking forward to hanging out with my BIL and SIL too!

anyway, today i stopped over at pottery barn and found a few things to add to my "must have" list! first off this  scent called mission fig...omg, i love it!!!
i you haven't smelled it, you should! the potpourri is only $19.50 --- i think???

i also saw this adorable leave display. of course i had to investigate.
ummmm, i love it but not $39.50 for 1 branch and the display has at least 8 ---- no thanks, i'll wait until they go on sale!

also, these almond pear 'em! i think they are called almond pear? i could be wrong, something pear anyway!

on a sad note, one our favorite seafood restaurants is closing at the beginning of september! it's been like an episode of cheers every time we've gone! we've gotten to know the bar staff in the bar area. it's going to be sad to see braxton's go! we've been going there since we first moved to elmhurst back in 2001! unfortunately, all good things must come to an end!

thus, i'm really going to my stellar 1lb. lobster dinners at cost! not to mention the AMAZING calamari and oyster appetizers! boo hooo!

word is they will re-open at a new location under devon seafood girll, but the BIG question is will they have the lobster special at cost?!?!?!?!?!  i've heard they specialize in crablegs! only time will tell, but needless to say my husband and pretty bummed! so are my parents, we taken them there every time they are in town!

thankfully, chicago is full of amazing restaurants! oh well, i still have 2 weeks to enjoy braxton's before they close there hoo!!!!!!

enough about lobster, calamari and braxton''s making me really sad!!!!

okay, this is the last time i am going to shop online w/out using EBATES! i've been a member since 2006 and since that time i have accrued just under $800.00! best of all it's deposited right into my paypal account. if you don't have a paypal account no problem, they have other options. cool, huh!
for example, if only i remembered to use EBATES when i bought this cute henley dress over at lands end, which actually arrived today! yippee!! too bad it's dirt cheap now, ha! ha!
 i would have saved an additional 6%! doesn't seem like much, but as you can tell it adds up fast...IF you remember to use it! ha! ha! ha!

so check out EBATES if you haven't done so already!

happy shopping!


  1. MmmM that seafood looks yummy! And I love all the candle pics!

  2. that almond pear candle sounds amazing. Im not on ebates...maybe ill have to join!