Sunday, June 5, 2011

lake shore drive...

seriously, couldn't ask for a more perfect day here in chi-town! 
[sorry for the fuzzy photo. that's what i get for trying to drive and snap a photo with my phone at the same time, lol!]


  1. I love Chicago! We go every summer and I'm hoping for some good weather like this when we go.


  2. It was nice today!! Not too hot with a nice cool breeze. :0)

  3. the weather on Sunday was perfect! Great picture, its a welcome break from the moody & dreariness of the past few days.


  4. Hi- I'm a new reader, and this is the 3rd blog posting I've seen about Chicago today. Crazy! I haven't ever been to Chicago but I'll have to add it to my list with all of the glowing reviews from fellow bloggers.

    Super cute blog - love the shopping bags on the side panels.

    Have a fab week! Michelle ;)