Monday, June 6, 2011

it's back!!!

okay, the laundry is done, my bags are packed and my vacation has officially started! tomorrow i am heading to annapolis, can't wait! hoping the gucci outlet in queenstown, md won't let me down, lol!

before i forget, i wanted to give you all a heads up and let you know that RUE LA LA will be hosing yet another LILLY PULITZER sale event starting friday, june 10th!

if you aren't a member of RUE LA LA, click HERE for your personal invite! remember sales are PRIVATE, membership is FREE! sign to today, can't wait to see what goodies they will have this time around!



  1. Wow, another already? That was fast!

  2. oh no... I was hoping for a break :) These ruelala sales are killing my credit!

  3. Have a fantastic time over here in my neck of the woods. :-)

  4. I'm so excited for Lilly on Rue La La... daddy's credit card is not! :)

  5. ooh a Gucci Outlet! Wow cant wait to see what you bring back!

    love from San Francisco,

  6. going on the same time as the warehouse sale in KOP :)